Thursday, August 1, 2013

Throwback Thursday

August. Oh, August. Here you are again.

Just a reminder of some older stuff newer readers may never have seen and long-lasting blog friends (like how I didn't say older readers?) may have forgotten about ...

(from the QR Code Page ... see the tabs at top) ...
Pete the Cat Rockin' in my School Shoes QR Code Orientation Tour (PreK-1)
"Of course while Ms. O is a devoted blogger she has not yet mastered the candid camera shot. So there are not any of the kiddos completing the tour. But rest assured Pete is an automatic win. THEY LOVED IT. Click on the pic to download from Google Drive.


OH! And for something for older kids you could also go to that page to snag the page of Wonderopolis linked QR codes. Or, if you are in Texas, QR codes linked to Bluebonnet or 2X2 books (state awards). They are not 100% complete. *insertashamedfacehere* But about 90% of full pages to print. Some of the books don't have trailers! Or I just haven't found a kid friendly, mobile device friendly, related to the book link that I like yet.

Then the Image Editing Page (see the tabs up top) has some easy things you can do to get your space ready or, depending upon the age of your students and tech available, some great "get to know you" activities.
The motivational posters on Big Huge Labs are some of the easiest.

  • As shown in these two examples ... as library or classroom PR.
  • Students exemplifying the Seven Habits.
  • Themes or major quotes from a book.
  • Shapes found around the school.
  • Pictures representing number sentences.

And then this is still an ugly picture but I haven't finished redoing them (NINE MORE COMPUTERS IN THE LIBRARY! NINE!). Takes time to snag many more paint chips. Even though I am truly looking at paint colors right now ... possibly as you read this we are deciding. #decisionswhenbuildingahouse

So I still don't have a prettier picture of these (in fact, these are the rough draft I posted back last year  on my poor neglected school blog) ... but believe me, they looked nicer laminated and hanging from a ring on little command hooks on the side of the computer monitors. Each genre had it's own color. The idea was to help them with spelling and finding books in a particular genre by keyword searches in the OPAC. Took a little while for the kids to catch on ... but when they did? GOLD. It's by far not complete or exhaustive. In fact you may find it kind of random. ;] If you have any suggestions please feel free to let me know. I can add them to this Google Doc. I just used a generic Avery label template and then cut them up. You will probably have to change the font to one that you have on your computer.

Later, my bloggy friends. Later. The summer ... how rapidly it comes to a close.



  1. Oh these are such great ideas! Thanks for a little more inspiration!

    1. Sometimes this blogging thing is strange. It's like "I need to post something" ... but then who has an idea every day? So ... old stuff. Thank you! I've used so many ideas from the internets if ever I have half of an idea that worked it ends up here.
      No one but my school sees all the ideas that fell flat. ;)