Tuesday, June 6, 2017

Don't Keel Over But I'm Posting

Still around over on Instagram and FB some. Thanks for sticking around. This year has been ... well. Is what it is, right? There's always SUMMER READING. And next school year. This is a presentation I did with my friend at our district tech camp yesterday and today. If it can spark any ideas for any of you ... great! There are always things I'd go back and change now (plus I'm sure there are awesome books that I haven't seen yet plus awesome apps I've never tried) but at some point you have to stop and call it good.

We have iPads and Chromebooks. We have some paid apps. Almost all of my student examples recently got deleted in the great district iPad wipe of 2017. <insert grumpy face here> Lost some cute stuff. But a few were saved in easy to find places and are still around.