Thursday, August 22, 2013

Unicorn Thinks bookmarks

Double post today ... oops. Just finished these and thought they were kind of fun.

Unicorn Thinks He's Pretty Great is the first book I think I'm going to offer classes ... anytime the first week if they want me to come to them. I probably won't actually do it in the library because that first week when classes do all the practicing of hallway behaviors? They (staff, actually, in this case) do A LOT of talking in the hallway and as I've mentioned before ... we are the hallway. Really trying to not complain, just do the best with what we've got. I'll visit classes! This is a funny book that I think could make for a fun "be open to new friends" discussion!

Plus right now the only computer in the library that works is my laptop. Still no power to the circ desk and still none of the new "thin client" library computers work. People keep saying "They're so pretty" and I have to say "Yes, but they don't work yet.":P

Click on the first pic to download the pdf.

And on a side note if anyone can help me figure out why sometimes pdfs will NOT show the text in Adobe but DO still print the text I would be forever grateful and would send you anything I've ever made for sure. All of my Googling comes up with the opposite problem ... text shows up in the pdf but doesn't print. Things I've made? Text doesn't show up in the pdf but DOES print. #sostrange


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  1. I have never heard of this book, but I must have it!
    You're cracking me up with the "trying not to complain" comment regarding the location of the library. How much longer do you have to be in the hallway? I hope it's not a permanent thing!
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