Saturday, November 26, 2016

$10 Giveaway for TPT

Long time no writing! Oh well.

But now I get to give away a $10 credit to the TPT sale. That will be at the bottom of this post. Don't read the comments if you care about spoilers to either the Anne of Green Gables movie or the Gilmore Girls Year in the Life (which I actually did not watch the first go around ... though I'll date myself and say my first teaching job was at the high school "Dean" graduated from and it was not long after he left ... so students would come back from the restroom all aflutter when he'd come back to visit and be walking the halls). Comments on those two things are two of the three ways to enter. The third I will do a round up post on later this week ... fave holiday read alouds. So you'll still get to hear about those if you stay away from reading other people's comments!

Until then here are some things I've wishlisted lately for personal or library use! Quick because family is still around until tomorrow.

I want to learn how to do the brush lettering I see all over IG. Not Tombows but I got these to try.

Of course this I already had. Don't think at $100 it wasn't tempting for school (they are programmable/codable now ... they weren't for the first 6 months or so) but the paperwork to do a PO ... the price would go back up by then. No, I did not order myself a Force Band. THOUGH I WANTED TO!

And as much as I love Overdrive sometimes I don't finish them in time. I got the EARC a while back but am so far behind I'll never catch up there. Electronic is bad that way. If it's falling off of the stack I'll read it first. So for $5 today it was tempting!

And here are some pretty photos of books. You might see them again.

Oh and my favorite most favorite of all work pants (I have black, navy, gray, and maroon-ish brown) that still look nice but are comfy are on sale tonight. Use this link for an extra $15 off for both of us.

I'm pretty sure I set this to be open the rest of tonight and tomorrow til 12. Then I'll email the "winner" the code Monday morning. The sale is Monday and Tuesday, right? Don't remember the extra 10% code but I'm sure you'll see it around somewhere. Gets kind of ridiculous how it's plastered everywhere for 72 hours.

 I haven't made anything new in forever. Had a set of teacher librarian planner stickers (just on Avery labels so if you don't have a Cameo you're not stuck with scissors for hours) but never finished. An update to the shelf labels that has been 85% done for weeks. No new display signs or bookmarks. Those people who get it all done? I'm envious! But hey. I went to two movies and binged on GG this week. And finished some reading. So I did that. I hope you did things that made you happy as well!

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