Tuesday, August 13, 2013

B2S Shopping Bookish Office Supplies

This is the last one cause it's silly and I'm out of time to web surf. Fun, but silly. Click on all the pics to go to their respective stores.

This is a bookplate stamp I can get behind. Much as I love the other kinds ... it's just easier to use clip art there. But it's an owl! And it goes in books!

These little note pads were in a GroopDealz email last Friday as I started drafting this post. Got one of the book ones for me and a princess one for one of my nieces.

So I have to wear a badge and went to the clippy type when I got tired of losing so many earrings taking off the lanyard. Yes, I know. HOW DID I MANAGE TO BE SO RIDICULOUS? Can't answer that question. But a perusal of Etsy showed this seller ...

which could be fun. And she has a set that can pop in that look like this.

Now the two together would not be inexpensive. So it's still a maybe. But a fun maybe.

FYI I added a couple new HP quote posters (FREE) to the TPT shop. Stop by if you got the first set. Or want either.



  1. Thanks for the listing to my Etsy shop! I'm the stamp carver and I can do customizable images too!


    1. Any time. It's ADORABLE and I will be ordering one ... probably in September or October. First part of the school year all income goes toward the many many things that seem to add up. And customizable ... that is interesting ... ;)