Thursday, August 15, 2013

Lesson Idea Wishlists

So ... I'd have a lot more $ if it wasn't for TPT. I really would. It's just so easy to click and print.
When I see great lesson ideas/plans/materials I want to try them. Sometimes that comes back to bite me ... the class that I thought we do the activity with cancels on me and no one reschedules. That sort of thing. Always next year, though.

I'm withholding ... some. Just so you won't see how crazy I am. No kids. Spend all my money on stuff for school and books. Don't own any of these YET. Debating.

Want to add some STEM activities? These look like (and I'm sorry I'm using this term because I know it will turn some admins off) SO MUCH FUN. The learning is an added bonus. There are 7 of these 1- experiment bundle packs, as well as a five pack of Greek Mythology based STEM activities. And looking at some of the individual ones available I'd bet a conservation/recycling/Earth Day one arrives before too long. If I was allowed to use school money I'd get ALL of them. As it will have to be mine I may have to hold back and pick and choose.

(Click on the pic ... it's terrible, I know, but I just snagged one of the previews off of TPT. Bad copyright following but please go BUY. And pin from there. Not here. The link will take you to Smart Chick's STORE and then you can look around for the bundles or separate lessons.)

Struggled a lot with our stations. Can't find somewhere to set them up that doesn't block stacks access but is still visible! Think the little ones would have fun with this, though. And it's easy to prepare ahead of time and set up and leave out for the kiddos that can't check out because they haven't returned their books in months no matter how many notes/calls home. Or the kiddo that finds their books to check out really fast but doesn't want to sit and read them yet. IF you can figure out somewhere to leave them out.

P for Pete and what have you. Click on the pic to go to this particular item in the store Pocketful of Centers.

Can you tell this is for a packet of Frog and Toad activities? Vocab study, taking notes, extending meaning. Some great possibilities. No clue who I'd do it with but I would love it and so would the kids, I would think. If they'd let me do THIS for our tutoring time I'd feel much less worried. Ask me to do phonics and I'm like what?

So many teacher bloggers talk about interactive notebooks. I'd like to hear from teacher LIBRARIANS, too. I LOVE the idea of them and love reading about how it works in the "regular" classroom. But what about the library? I mean, if the teacher is doing them, too, it's easy. Well, if you have time to plan ahead and such. But if the teacher isn't, necessarily. And you only have the kids for a little while every once in a while. Is it worth it? Lovin Lit has three sets I'm interested in. This generic blank one, one for FICTION LITERARY ELEMENTS grades 4-8, and then NON-FICTION grades 4-8. Actually the Science Penguin has several as well (for science topics, obviously). She just posted a KINDER one and has two others. Topics I know we've "done" in the library in the past. So again ... do I buy them not knowing if I'll ever get to use them?

My secondary ed background doesn't tell me why "write the room" is so popular ... but I've seen it on many blogs and this TL had a Fabulous Idea to make it library-centric!

Never seen the show but love Melonheadz and love the idea of using these little cards in an activity.

This one MIGHT be a case of form over function ... in my case anyway. It's so cute! We do research. Kids love sharks. We study adaptations. Couldn't we make it all work?

We study Davy Crockett so this one should be useful.

Looks like some handy tools to use when studying fairy tales. She's actually got a couple other smaller graphic organizer sets that look good as well.

Things like this. Do they work outside of the regular classroom? Where it's harder to get in habits like this? I know every classroom has different ones because the teachers have used them while in the library. But that's just it ... every classroom is DIFFERENT and for the life of me I can't remember who uses what phrases! Hate to rely on the classroom teacher when I want the kiddos attention. Which is so hard to get when you're in a hallway. But I whine again.

And really I have a lot of this clip art. But not the chihuahua for the Holy Guacamole one. Which is awesome.

There are a couple sticky mat type reading ones I'm also thinking about. But this post is long enough!
And remember if you saw something you liked in this particular case ... post from the TPT link, not here. In pretty much every other case I'd say PIN AWAY but as these are not my "products" the Pinterest link should go back to THEM and not my description of why I might like the lesson idea.

Anything you all love? A PS ... THANK YOU to anyone who has pinned/purchased/downloaded anything from my TPT space. It's amazing to me enough that anyone listens to me here. There, where sometimes I ask for $ for stuff? And you get it? Love. I then turn around and spend it on clip art to make more silly stuff. ;)

Prescheduling this to post. Thursday is my first day actually on contract. Super fun all day library meeting.


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