Friday, August 28, 2015

Finally Friday Aug 28

Hope everyone is doing well! I survived my first week back at school. It was quite a slow week as most people didn't really want to start breaking the routines they were trying so hard to build yet. I haven't usually done a lot in the way of orientations but with the loss of my full-time assistant this year a few things will need to be streamlined/reassessed.

So this week a few came in on passes but mostly working on setting up calendars for mobile tech or the lab, of course setting up the library calendar, learning how to use our new live morning announcements broadcast system, watching the SUPER FUN info videos (seriously, the one about blood borne pathogens was so old and awful), and getting ahead with things like bookmarks copied and cut, bookfair flyers counted out, book character pumpkin patch flyers copied/cut/counted. And attempting to update and charge things. About 80% successful.

Anyway. You're back, after my infomercial yesterday. But seriously, they are yoga pants. Meaning they are only one step below flannel pajama pants on the comfort scale. Today was a jeans with school spirit shirt day and I actually put them ON for a sec, just to revel in how comfy they were. So. THIS link if you want to try them for $25 off (and earn me some credit). Interesting side note it says free shipping over $99 but my original order wasn't $99. Don't know how long that will last, though. Long enough for me to get every color, maybe? ;)

Now. Pins I found interesting. Click through if you're in a reader. Have a great one!

Because this LFL is THE COOLEST! We might have an Eagle Scout willing to build one for school. We'll have to see.

Because it makes me laugh.

I need to reread these before my trip.

This reminds me that I need to check with the bookkeeper. I put in a PO request for B&N two weeks ago. The new one was on that request!

Why do I love these color palette ones? I don't know. But of all the boards ... the Color Stuff one is the one that is most likely to just get looked at. The others I think "now, where was that pin I remember about this book or that library display or Google Forms or such and such iPad app" but the color one? "Pretty."

Are you on Instagram? I'm getting a little more interesting over there, I hope. And enjoying all the pics from people I'm finding. Let me know if you are there.

Now I'm going back to sleep. Actually fell asleep for about 90 minutes during writing this. No more visitors in the house so I can do that. Have a good one!

Thursday, August 27, 2015

I Have Found Work Pants

that I do not hate. INTERNET, I HAVE FOUND WORK PANTS THAT ARE COMFORTABLE. That I can bend over to look at books on the bottom shelf in. Or crawl behind a table to look at a computer cord in. Or lean over and hug a kid in.

I just had to share. You won't get a pic with ME in them until I can get them hemmed (I'm 5' 8.75" but apparently they think everyone will be wearing heels. Um, no) but even though I'm so tired (4 days down of week 1!) I just tried them on and I love them. And want to buy every single color. I might wait to do that until after my trip. Or I might get them now anyway.

They do run small so order up (check the measurements). And long. But they are comfy and they look nice! If you use this link you'll get $25 off and I'll get $25 on my next pair. Because seriously. SO COMFY. I sound like an infomercial. Over and out.

Wednesday, August 19, 2015

You Are Awesome.

Is your head a jumble? Mine is a jumble. You are not alone!

I figured out I made a mistake in not clicking a box on the editable maker bookmarks. So if you got them and had trouble go back and redownload. It's not just you! And definitely download Z is for Zebra's free "how to". It saved me!

Anyway. For right now that is all. And in case you didn't get a sweet note like I did from a friend pointing out my silly Lego pictures actually helped her find books her son is enjoying ... (I totally cried and I. Don't. Cry.)



Tuesday, August 4, 2015

Maker Donation Request Bookmarks

So ... if you have access to a copy machine you might want to test the "doublesided-ness" of this pdf.
I took the rectangle off the back because try as I might, with the sort of crookedy look of them anyway I couldn't make them match up. Double sided sometimes equals stress.

But. If you're allowed to ask for things (not even quite sure I am, we shall see) ... this is editable but I put in some test text. Just sort of quickly playing around and thinking about what's coming. All of this could be used for makerspace or "regular" library research and book promotion activities! It gets expensive when you're doing things with an entire grade, doesn't it? And even with bookfair money ... there's a lot of hoops to jump through. A LOT. Way too many times I just didn't want to deal and paid for it myself. The time saved was sort of worth the money.

If you don't know how to use editable pdfs go to Z is for Zebra's TPT store and download this freebie. It saved me! I might upload this on TPT (still as a freebie) as well just because it's nice to have a clue how many people found what you posted remotely useful. But I shall probably wait to do that until I can test this on a copier. Click on the top image to download the pdf from Google Drive.

library maker donation request bookmarks

And if the spacing is totally off, well, I'll get it fixed eventually. Might take a while. #crossesfingers

Monday, August 3, 2015


It's (almost) Monday! What are you Reading? is a meme hosted by Sheila at Book Journeys. It is a great way to recap what you read and/or reviewed the previous week and to plan out your reading and reviews for the upcoming week. It's also a great chance to see what others are reading right now… who knows, you might discover that next “must read” book!

Our Kid Lit to YA version is hosted by Teach Mentor Texts and Unleashing Readers.

ACK! This is probably the last decent reading week. I start back to work on the 13th ... and family starts coming on the 10th. Someone or another will be here for two weeks (the weekend of the 15th? Something like ... well, 11 nieces and nephews plus 5 siblings plus 4 siblings in law plus my parents. Whatever that equals). Last week was a little slow because of insomnia. I fell asleep only when I TRIED to read. :P :P :P And if it was nighttime didn't actually stay asleep, even then.

books read the end of summer

Of those ... well, the LGBs just have the most awesome art. The Disney one for looking vintage-y and the Star Wars ones for being, well, Star Wars! I think A Pocket Full of Murder was probably my favorite book finished last week.

books currently reading
I keep not moving Red Rising off. It looked so good and so my thing ... but not getting anywhere with it. I did a post on the early beginnings of the three professional reads. Moriarty is an audiobook I'm listening to. Maloneys' started out pretty slow but ... like other reviewers ... it's getting more interesting! I think my next read will be Louis Sachar's Fuzzy Mud, though I'm really not sure when that will be! It probably should be another Bluebonnet book. I have 10 of them read. 8 were read before the list was even announced.

Don't forget Piper Green comes out tomorrow! 

Sunday, August 2, 2015

Currently August 2

Well, insomnia strikes AGAIN. It's getting more than a little old. Tried baths, showers, aromatherapy, turning off the TV/computer at least 30 minutes before, stretching, exercising earlier in the day, melatonin, nasty chamomile tea, eating earlier ... you name it, I've tried it. So ridiculous.

 Linking up with Farley just ... because that is what one does, no? ;)

Currently August slide

Listening to quiet. Well. And my buzzing DVR from the other room. When I can't sleep I come out to the couch. But lately that is a noisy spot so now I'm in the office.

Loving time spent with "local" family (still takes 45-60 minutes to get across town! but that's nothing compared to everyone else) this weekend. More of them are coming! All of them are coming, actually. Starting a week from tomorrow ... 4, then 5 late the next day, then 6 two days later, then 1 two days after that (plus the 5 that are semi-local). One day with EVERYONE (there will be pics!) and then people start leaving. Rotten timing with hot weather and BTS where it's pretty impossible to take a day off of work but better something than nothing!

Thinking that really the summer disappeared. I didn't make specific plans and now time's almost up. FB on this day reminds me of X years ago I was in Seattle. X years ago I was in Hawaii. X years ago I was in SCOTLAND or IRELAND. #needtomakesometravelplans

Wanting some inspiration. Have to do my part but there are loads of professional and personal things that I just ... dunno what to do! Hard to figure stuff out when you are tired. I know He'll help me if I can just listen. Should do better with devotional time because that is one way to practice listening!

And I'm needing to figure them out. Time is becoming of the essence.

Not to be grumpy because RAK are awesome. But cheap chocolate or soda or salt ... does no one any health favors. It just really doesn't. So just positive notes, even silly printed out memes or ecards, maybe some fun stickers or a pen? As the TL I don't really have a "team" at my school. I mean, the music and PE teachers are super nice but as none of our curriculums even remotely connect we can't plan together or anything. Lost my beloved assistant of eleven years so ... must welcome the new part time assistant (part of what I need to figure out! How to do things with half the help when already things often felt overwhelming! TLs that don't even have that need awards because the idea makes me literally want to hide) and all the teachers, really, so they know that even though the library might not be able to help them quite as fast as we used to we will still be trying.

I sound grumpy and sleepy, don't I? Apologies. Shouldn't post when sleep deprived. I'm not always grumpy. Lately sleepy but not always grumpy. :P ;)