Saturday, August 10, 2013


Would love to have had a fun theme going for my list like "10 Books with Lunch" or "10 Books with Sneezes" (can you tell pollens are already in the air and I want a snack? :/). But the brain wouldn't focus long enough to create that. So ... you're just getting "Ms. O's Favorites that NEVER EVER fail in a read aloud. ;) They're not in any particular order. Check the hashtag on Twitter for more posts!

Oldie but goodie. IT NEVER FAILS. Never. Ever. Ever. Easy tie-in? Make a paper pigeon. Get some shredded paper. Fill up a paper bowl with the shredded paper (gluing a bit on the outside helps with the effect). Attach the bird to the inside of the nest. Balance (or tie with an elastic string) on top of your head! Pinterest search it or look here. Really any Piggie and Elephant book. They are comedic genius.

It's more than a little silly. But come on. A hippo who salsas and discos? What fun!

Great for writing lessons. And, on a personal level ... I am an aunt. And I love reading stories with my nieces and nephews.

I will admit I'm a little tired of this one ... but the kids aren't. So I read it anyway and then they get so excited and I don't hate it anymore. Cause really. He does wear shoes that look a lot like Converse. And after recent events at school I'm having to repeat "Does Ms. O cry? Goodness, no. She just walks along singin' her song because it's ALL GOOD." So he can't be all bad.

The only "accent" I can even pretend to do is stereotypical drawl or twang or what have you. And I do it pretty well, thank you very much. So this one's fun to read. Always interesting when the kids catch on as to which fairy tale this is based on.

Really I could add most of these but I'll just use one of my picks and choose this one. Usually tend to pick it to read aloud when I have a cold. Cause that's a lot, funny little germ carriers.

I like to read this one ... but the recording of the author doing it is so good sometimes I just play that.

If I could read this one in a British accent it would be even funnier. But the former (and I'll admit ... sometimes still) picky eater in me relates! And so do the kids.

A favorite from my own childhood that still translates today (plus the app is really fun).

All of Jan Thomas' books are pretty funny. Minus all the germs the kids blow on me when we read this one ... it's so funny to see them making the scary faces. They love it.



  1. I love this theme! How did I miss that Jan Thomas one?!? Thanks for the great suggestions!

  2. You have so many of my favorite read-alouds listed! As a kid I LOVED "The Monster at the End of This Book" and just discovered the app at the end of last year. It's one that I will share with the kinders at my new school for sure. Elephant and Piggie, Pete, Bubba, Bear, Skippyjon--all fabulous characters, too. Why haven't I heard of "Hilda Must Be Dancing"? Karma Wilson is one of my favorite authors, so thanks for the recommendation!
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  3. My son would be so glad to see The Monster at the End of This Book on your list! (Yes, at 21 he would still be thrilled.). Many great titles here. I am going to have to check out I Will Never Ever Eat a Tomato.


  4. Terrific list! I love Aunt Isabel Tells a Good One, and not too long ago, I introduced my 2 year old nephew to The Monster at the End of this Book. His reaction was priceless! Haven't seen Hilda Must Be Dancing or Can You Make a Scary Face, but they look like "must-haves." Thanks for sharing!

  5. I love those "Bear" books. I used them a lot this past year for grade 2! Thanks for sharing!