Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Pigeon Apron So I Don't Lose Things

Breaking Blogger Code by posting twice BUT ...

I am infamous around our library (and my house but let's not go there) for misplacing things. I set them down and they disappear.

The worst? MY KEYS! Ever had to replace car keys? Super expensive ... and what's strange is I still haven't found the original set. They never showed up. (I HAVE CLEANED, just so you know).

And my school keys. I always find them but there have been ... very uncomfortable days/up to a week once where I didn't know where they were. Those times it was always somewhere safe. But anyway. I digress from the purpose of this post.

I will now no longer lose my keys or have to sound like Santa Claus with them hanging around my neck. (Also, I have lost MORE EARRINGS taking lanyards off than I care to remember. :X)

And pens! And little post its! And hand sanitizer. And a band aid or two.

PLEASE tell me this is not as bad as a teacher jumper. Or vest. Cause that would be terrible when I love it so.


PS Order the fabric here and the pattern here. If she wasn't getting ready to be a grandma TWICE in the next 21 days (not by me! Siblings!) I'd trade making dinner or something for an extra one for a giveaway. Maybe when things calm down for her. Maybe. ;)


  1. That is such a cute idea! I wear a lanyard around my neck that has my classroom keys on it. Our doors are always locked and many teachers have been locked out. This is the only way I know to get around without having to think about it! I can't even imagine as a librarian...I think this is a great solution!


    1. My ID is on a little clip. I quit wearing the lanyard because of all the times I would lose earrings getting it off ... and the jangling got on my nerves.

      So we're trying this as an alternative.

      Since I don't have walls/a door the only time I really have to worry about getting locked out is during a lockdown. When we have to try and get all the kids from all over the library into a room. Don't really love the plan but there is a plan in place.

      My keys are mostly for cupboards with e-readers or Playaways (self contained audiobooks).

  2. I'm okay with keys, but we may have to wear our i.d.s at all times, and that could be a problem! I'm forever knocking mine off when I have an armload of books. And since I wear jumpers and vests (not together!) from time to time, I'm not the one to ask! If the apron works for you, go for it! I'm doing a theme for the 6th grade-- Reading: Recipe for Success-- so the apron would fit right in!

    1. I do still wear an ID but it's on a little stretch clippy thing at the collar. So we'll see.
      It's not "jumpers" per se ... unless, of course, your jumper has an appliqued cat holding a stack of books. Then, Ms. Yingling, I might have to get you a bit of a fashion intervention. ;) A regular jumper or vest is fine.

    2. Though come to think of it ... who is to say a Pigeon apron is more fashionable than an appliquéd cat holding a stack of books?

      Or a purple t-shirt with a little boy holding a crayon?