Thursday, August 29, 2013

Finally (almost) Friday Aug. 30 and #slantboxes

This week ... oh, this week.


The SLANT Box Exchange

And I got my SLANT box! Yay!

Thank you so much, Wendy! Items beautifully packaged and so fun (PS I already ate the chocolate ;)).

My "boxee" didn't get pretty packaging. In fact she got a long brown hair stuck in the packing tape that I totally didn't see until I was pushing the box across the cabinet to the mailman. Darn long brown hair that sheds. #SERIOUSLYGROSS I'm sorry, Elizabeth. And I squished everything into a smaller flat rate. I'm learning. :( But did you get your vinyl installed without too much trouble?

It was so fun! I hope I have two new blog friends.

Two giveaways will be starting next week or so, just so you know. One a book I will talk about on Monday (I would say target audience strong third grade readers and up, probably girls) and one a canvas print (you pick the pic). Until then click on these links I found via Pinterest. If you like 'em click through and pin from the original source.

Hey Naturally Educational ... great idea for a blog post! Also Dear Admin ... can I count my Reading is Jawsome t-shirt as school spirit?

So it turns out I LOVE this trailer and like this book. That's OK.

Sarah ... I wish I'd had this idea! But you did! Thanks for sharing.

Thinking of trying this. I have usually read Interrupting Chicken in the spring (we make a door hanger for "Don't Interrupt Me I'm (Summer) Reading!" but we've missed it the past year or two. Maybe it's time to try it at the beginning of the year.


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  1. you are so funny! I didn't even notice a hair!

    Thanks for everything. LOVE LOVE LOVE the letters and can't wait to show off my ATM!!!!

    Hodges Herald