Friday, May 27, 2016

Finally Friday May 27

As a kid do you know what part of summer was? Monkees reruns (I am not THAT old). Listening. :)

I missed the cupcake truck at school today. :(

I totally want one! Or two. We have two Osmos. We'll see how hard ordering is in the fall. We'll never save enough for new tables if I always give in but new tables versus cool stuff? (Still wanting new iTouches for Google Cardboard and another couple Spheros cause one they fight over too much).

Those silly color chip photos ... I find them soothing. This one is pretty.

I like this! We're mostly doing ChatterKid book reviews (I should post some. They're funny).

Friday, May 20, 2016

Finally Friday May 20

I begin by forcing anyone not on IG to at least a quick preview.

Yesterday was my birthday. Took a personal day only to have the worst daytime weather (worst storm ever was last Monday night) ever. Any going out plans were scrapped for pjs and a book. Actually ... happy birthday, right? :) Yes. I might be old.

Book Creator. So easy and so cool. I wish I could get more classes in to do things! I saw something about a webinar. I should check up on that.

Had to get my niece to help. Not intuiting the controls very well. Following a wildlife photog in Africa because he talks a lot about photography and shares cool images, an Italian girl that explores London (I WANT TO GO BACK!), some cool book ones, public or university library ones, and one Elem Library (GO YOU).

I admit I pushed play more for the original song than the remake artist (remember ... old?). But then I loved it!

Only keeping Legos sorted. #thestruggleisreal

Monday, May 16, 2016

TBMonday ... Summer Reading Bookmarks

Click on the pic to download the Google Doc pdf file for easy printing and image credits.


Do you have a list waiting?

Thursday, May 12, 2016

#TBT to a Summer Reading Promo Project

We did this last year. It was crazy but fun. I kind of wish someone would want to do it again.

A good portion of today was spent with a class on what was sort of an "darn it I have no idea" project that is turning out to be kind of fun. "We want to do research. We don't care on what." Well. Not sure how much this counts toward research but we did get some keyword discussion going. And notetaking means HIGHLIGHTS, not every word. And "Cite your pics!"

Student Created Summer Reading Book Creator

So far this is the only one who is "done." This was her first draft of the persuasive writing, we didn't do any editing. 

Student Created Summer Reading Book Creator Part 2

If the other kids finish their writing we'll have an entire book that I will post so they can go back and reference it all summer. I hope they can finish things. Not sure I can continue to spend as much time with them but we shall see. If it works out I will make a better cover and a ToC.

If it looks at all fun to you here's the info. The kids used the new Pic Collage Kids app for the collages. They are working on the writing in Google Docs and sharing it with me. Then I can copy/paste into this Book Creator file.

Tuesday, May 10, 2016

Are We Having Fun Yet?

Been crazy times, right?

I am learning about 3D printing by making lots of mistakes. Learning about designs and how to help kids make good choices (usually by having it turn out wrong first ... but that's OK!). Also about watching for low filament because there's no warning message. And then that when you ask the vendor which filament to buy they may not pay attention to the right size. And trying to restring filament ... it twists and kinks and snaps. Quite a lot, actually. Learning, learning, learning.

Testing the week before all books are due ... makes for younger kids frustrated at why the library is closed. Sunday night I woke up multiple times dreaming I was in a car sinking in water. Crazy. Times. I don't even usually remember dreams. :P Didn't know I was ... having that much fun. And many of y'all get closed a lot for this reason. That is hard!

BUT just got a new bulletin board for the library. Haven't decided whether it will be for book promo or "making." And some bulletin board type strips for the teaching end. I really want to get this but $$$. Bulletin boards don't cost as much. Still afraid things would not get put back (right now I get it out and put it away in the mornings). I should trust, right? Trust!

AND I just signed up for a chalk lettering class. So that will be fun this summer. AND I have so many new books I want to read.

AND I still get to read The Thank You Book (Elephant and Piggie) to lots of classes.

AND these guys are visiting this weekend. I love all 11 of my nieces and nephews. When siblings send me reading related photos it's icing on that cake. #imanaunt

And the Thin Mint Good Humor ice cream sandwiches are excellent. Though not very "clean."

Tuesday, May 3, 2016

Currently May

Linking up for the last time. Thanks for the fun and the way to meet new people!

Listening: DVR. Didn't get to it last night as I spent waaaaay too much time working on a libguide for a 5th grade research project. That was 90% ignored today as they all wanted to do weird inventions. Ah, well. (And I do see the irony, considering the rest of the post!)
Loving: Tomorrow is Star Wars Day! Not even doing anything as everyone at school "just" wanted to do research (which usually I would love)! Sorry dreams of trivia and origami and clips and read alouds.
Thinking: It took 110 minutes to get to school today. Usually 35-40. The radio didn't say a WORD about a bad slowdown until minute number 103. Grrrrrrr.
Wanting: More time to read! I have so many books! I fall asleep too fast!
Needing: My gym changed up the schedule and the teachers and two of the three classes a week I went to ... changed to kickboxing. That whole "GO GO GO Drop that ball and the whole class has to do burpees!" mentality didn't work for me. So I dropped out with intentions of treadmill and my own workouts. Haven't happened yet. :/
Truth: Nothing deep dark. As so many ... just feeling overwhelmed. So much to do and my brain isn't good at calming down and prioritizing.

May the Fourth be with you!

Friday, April 29, 2016

Finally Friday April 29

Mostly checkout this week (ha ha on that ... more later). And a big to-do where I messed up and didn't notice the 3D printing filament was getting low right before the 5th grade girls who designed a water wheel as part of their hydroelectric power research project finished and were ready to print. You'd think with something so cool it would have a simple "Hey, dummy, go order some more."

I have some great ARCS on my Kindle. And a book my brother-in-law published on Amazon that (luckily, cause I admit I was like "what on earth will I say if I don't like it?" is actually quite good. I was trying so hard to read last night but I guess I'm getting old. I fell asleep at a quarter after eight. And that's with a nap. How long will I make it tonight? :P

Here are some pins that caught my eye. Click through for original sources. Have a great weekend!

Pin ...

My attempt ...

Considering I should have changed the background. And tried a little harder on the jersey. And recut the letters instead of throwing them on a background when I realized like a dummy I'd cut them out of the wrong color. And not even taken a pic til I had more book covers up there (plus maybe a basketball and GOSPURSGO)? Not a total fail but not as good. Oh well.

Actually said I was five (well ... soon to be four) years older than I really am. Oops.

Dare we try this at school? I don't dance. But the kids would LOVE it!

I could scream at this. I really could. There are several classes where more than half of the kiddos can't get new books cause they haven't brought back the old books. And half of those are from six weeks or longer. Return what you have so you can get new ones! Under your bed they're not doing anyone any good!

Off to read. Or fall asleep. Though I just saw that there could be more hail. SA has had some really bad ones lately. Not myself but a lot of people at school. So odd. USAA is sending drones around to investigate claims they have so many!