Friday, November 21, 2014

Finally Friday Nov. 21

VACATION! JUST IN TIME! Lately getting pulled into a lot of dull things. No one wants to do the fun research things. :P Recharge and start again. So this may not be as hilarious to a non-San Antonian. But every year the Spurs do a series of commercials (in 5 hours!) and they are SPOT ON. This is just one. I won't make you see all three.

OWLS! And Christmas!

Google Funnies.

I don't crochet. But if I did crochet, I'd want to crochet this.

I do love me a good extension.

May you get lots of reading in. And turkey. And pumpkin pie (WW POINTS BE ... GONE!). And family time. Movie time. Sleeping time. Later.

Wednesday, November 19, 2014

QR Code Library Login How To Update

So it will never be perfectly pretty (I still need to change the wallpaper now that the iPad has been repurposed) but here it is. Again, with the Instagram repeats!
And here is a link to the how to directions. I guess they get the job done even if they are not aesthetically pleasing.

Kids walk in and it's right there. The only app immediately visible is NeoReader (yes, all they have to do is swipe to the left but it hasn't been a problem). That's the QR code reader that lets you set the camera to the front facing option (important cause that's the one that is still accessible with this security stand). They scan the card which opens up the sign in form that auto-fills grade level and teacher, and they enter their name and choose their reason for being in the library. Then hit "Submit" and "Done." Took them a bit at first but then they get it down and can do it in under 15 seconds. Faster than notebook and pencil!

We've only been using it for what, 7 school days. Don't have a lot of data yet. But I am seeing lots of "lights" go on with teachers as to how useful the auto-tracking of the kids that come on passes might be (time stamp and frequency ... teachers can see the sign in results when they are logged in to their Google accounts). Every K-2 class gets a class checkout visit a week and then can come on passes. 3-5 gets a class visit for checkout every two weeks and can come on passes in between. They only sign in if they are in the library on their time and not a scheduled class visit.

If I can find the template (egads, seriously, could I be more disorganized? Hoping it's on my computer at school though why on earth I didn't put it in Google Drive I cannot say) would you like the library pass template? Or is there any other info that would be helpful?

Friday, November 14, 2014

Finally Friday Nov. 14

If you didn't see the Instagram version here's another one (and if you did I'll stop double posting soon ... just getting the hang of it. For as much as I love to learn about photography I am terrible at remembering to TAKE PICTURES!) ...

I find myself oddly unable to look away from this picture. This is my nephew. He's an avid reader. And, apparently ... very stretchy. :)

Totally cute. I haven't read this one this year because a teacher beat me to checking it out. And has had it for three weeks already. And I've felt awkward saying "Please only keep holiday books for a few days and then return them so that others can use them!" I mean, we're not a big library. If people keep stuff too long then no one else gets to use it. But I don't want to make her feel unwelcome to check out, either. :/

This has become a huge push in our district. Ironic. I was going to start it two months ago during our tutoring time. And was told I could not and had "to have bookclubs." ????
Follow MsOReadsBooks's board Hour of Code Stuff on Pinterest.

I don't have these exact ones but I have some others from this seller. Lovely, lovely pieces. And the PRETTIEST PACKAGING EVER.

The image ought to give the real quote and not the quoter. #picky #stilllikeit

Grand literature it's not. But the idea is so precious. A friend knows the starters and posted this on her FB page. I don't often do Kickstarters (Reading Rainbow and Tile were it) but this is a nice idea.

Wednesday, November 12, 2014

Books We Gobbled Up BB and LittleBits Puppy

This one is turning out better. If you are on Instagram you already saw this. Got two or three more turkeys today. Some teachers are saying it's turned into a ginormous discussion as kids get passionate about which books to put on the feathers. Oops. That wasn't actually my intention. I had help cutting out all the bodies (literally ... it's the outline of a bowling pin I found on a freebie clip art site) and the feathers are just ovals. Was meant to be something pretty quick.

No, wait. Maybe I don't feel bad about passion for books. ;)
And if you saw my Twitter post this morning you already saw this. But here it is again. Too bad they weren't allowed to be in the video. Anyway. #makermoment

Monday, November 10, 2014

Overdue Books

Trying this again as the number of classes where a quarter to a third of the kiddos can't check out because of overdue (by two weeks or more) books is just ridiculous.  Come on, small to medium fry friends. Keep your books in your backpack or book box when you're not actively reading them.  :/ :P

 The clip art is from Educlips. The font is from Jen Jones.

Friday, November 7, 2014

Finally Friday Nov. 7

Hello everybody! Here are some interesting for one reason or another pins. Old ones, this time. Click through for the original sources!
Kind of fun. I'm not always big on the chants but for the month ...

Too bad this was not my idea.

Pretty colors.

I heart fall layers. And I live in hot south TX. Plus I gained weight and can't fit into any of my cute fall layers. BOO.

Speaking of weight gain :P ...

Later! Tomorrow is a SA #edcamp. Hoping to hear about some cool things!

Wednesday, November 5, 2014

Not Quite a Pinterest BB Fail

But close. It is not easy to find square plates. Napkins do not produce the same effect. Especially when the size/measurements end up off. I made him smile on purpose.

The turkey one might be better if more classes participate. Gave them all the pieces. They just had to put it together. Pic to come eventually. :)

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