Friday, August 16, 2013

Finally Friday August 16

Snagging the pics and linking instead of embedding the pins since neither Feedly or Bloglovin properly show embedded stuff. If you like please just pin directly from the owning site. If it's MY stuff you're welcome to pin away straight from here.

Check out this link up! The pic links to the website!

Pinterest gives no credit to this one. So I need to look. Which I will do eventually. Bad example to not do it today.

The Pinterest link goes back to a blog (just the blog, not the direct link to the image ... first annoyance) and then the blog does ... strange stuff. All sorts of pop ups and what have you. So I didn't go back to find the direct link to the post where it appeared. Will do a google search. Eventually.

Keep Calm-o-matic. It's kind of fun.

Pinned another one about Keep Calm and Eat Chocolate. But the link was bad (just to the blog, not the post! Come on, pinners. I know I've been guilty of it before but I do try to fix things) and I have other things to do besides track everything down. ;)

So remember my door that was going to be a headboard? Went in to Homestead Handcrafts the other day and they had a headboard/baseboard/rails combo, bed table, and dresser (small, but a dresser) for $400. Layaway free for 60 days (meaning I don't have to put it in storage while we wait for the house to finish! Though what I will do with this set and the desk I got if the house isn't done in 60 days I don't know)! Ready to go! So now I have a door with awesome hinges I need to figure out something to do with. The pinterest link goes to a tumblr.

Next week is all the "fun" PD on campus. Then kiddos the week after that!


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