Friday, July 21, 2017

Fridays Still Coming TOO FAST in July

There's only one more in July! Which of course you all know. I'm just ... ack. Too fast. I need balance. Less free time in summer and less craziness in the school year.

This week I went to the dentist. Bleh, but hey, they had a different x-ray machine and it wasn't terrible. Three Pilates classes! A little bit more decluttering. Some reading! Some movie watching.

Interesting things found on the internets. Some of these are old saves from FB that I'm cleaning out. As always, click through for original sources. Thanks to those creators cause they look interesting!

As anyone who sees my Pinterest feed knows ... I have a weird fascination with the color palettes. They are oddly calming, no matter the photo (though this is a lovely photo). This combination is a favorite.

Boring as all get out photo but oh well. It gets the point of the post across, right? Drives me nuts ... we can actually have carved out the time for all the drafting/writing/editing/rewriting only to have a recording still turn out lame because of all the ambient noise in a school. So I have the foam. Just need to actually MAKE them. Note to self ... summer is running out!

There is probably time for one more binge. Should it be Star Wars? Or Harry Potter? Sherlock Holmes? Back to the Future (that one would be short but funny!)? X-Men? Jurassic Park (second shortest!)? Or Lord of the Rings? It might be Lord of the Rings because it's been a while and it is so good.

Shark Week! Do you watch? I DVR several and then later on through the fall find myself oddly drawn to them even though I have NO intention of ever getting anywhere close to a shark in real life. Changed up the source of an old pin ... instead of Mashable now it goes to the original creator, Andertoons.

Isn't he adorable? That is one thing I have not done this summer. Made anything. Tried to dejunk because last year things just piled up. So maybe that is what I will do as soon as I sign off. Go make something. Have a great weekend! Let me know in the comments or on FB or IG if you make something or read or watch something great!

Monday, July 17, 2017

#IMWAYR July 17

It's Monday! What are you Reading? is a meme hosted by Sheila at Book Date. It is a great way to recap what you read and/or reviewed the previous week and to plan out your reading and reviews for the upcoming week. It's also a great chance to see what others are reading right now… who knows, you might discover that next “must read” book! Our Kid Lit to YA version is hosted by Teach Mentor Texts and Unleashing Readers.

And it's been over eight months since I last participated. And I've been in a reading slump. GOING INTO THE SUMMER. How rotten is that? That is supposed to be #bookaday time!

But you know what is helping? Rereading. I almost never ever do that because there are so many books in the world and who has time to read the same thing.

But then again ... if a a book is wonderful ... who has time to NOT read it again. Because life is short and why NOT read an awesome book again?

So. Harry Potter and the Sorcerer's Stone on audio. JK, thank you for the magic and for providing a place to come home to. Jim Dale, thank you. You got me going again.

So ... three picture books. 
Poor Louie is cutest for the illustrations. If you know of a pet owner that is about to welcome a new baby? Here is your perfect gift. They are the only ones that would HAVE to have it. The rest of us ... maybe. The illustrations are adorable, I will say that. Story ... cute enough. I loved the other one by him ... what was it. The two boys that were bored ... oh, yes. Let's Do Nothing! I Want to be in a Scary Story would make for a fun read aloud in October. Nothing groundbreaking but a definite storytime contender. And of course Nanette's Baguettes. I was just late getting to it. We ran out of budget to order it and I ran out of energy to ever stop at B&N on the way home to look at it. But it's Mo! It's funny! And who can resist a warm baguette. I mean, really.

Three mid grade.
I wish I could write beautiful lines like Kate Beasley (does it run in the family genes?). Like so many beautiful lines I had to work on not coveting writing ability as I was reading. I am curious ... do kids like Gertie? Do they understand her need to connect with a mother that didn't seem to want her? Is it a must order? As much as I loved her sister's Circus Mirandus ... it didn't take off with my students like I wanted it to. :/
Weapon of a Jedi is simple but the rabid Star Wars fan will enjoy it. Guardian of the Whills is more sophisticated (still for kids but much higher than the other) ... that one was my favorite, actually, even though Luke is a longer beloved character. If that makes sense.

As for YA ... Zero Day was totally unbelievable (governor's daughter abducted at 8, returned to now president at 16 ... but with what agenda?) but fun all the same. Think sort of like the tv show 24 ... the most ridiculous things happen and yet you still keep watching/reading. I saw on Goodreads that she does not at this point plan on a sequel and THAT IS NOT COOL. Everland. Interesting. A steampunk version of Peter Pan. I have hopes for the series. There would have been some changes I would have made in the editing... but that is me. I felt like a few things were uneven. That said ... possibilities! If you enjoy dystopians or Peter Pan or retellings give this one a try. Not perfect but interesting.

I'm actually still working on HP. That's a long audiobook. I'd say I don't want it to end but there's always book 2. In terms of mid grade I'm embarrased to admit I've had Orphan Island that everyone is so crazy about for a while now. Dragonwatch? The Door Before? Then for YA maybe Strange the Dreamer? I have that one. Three Dark Crowns or This Savage Song? Super behind ... Red Queen?
Thoughts on priorities? If I start looking at the link up there will be other books I'll want to read!

If I were to even go to Netgalley or Edelweiss ... I'd be embarrassed. I'm surprised they still let me download ARCs. I should see if there are any new ones that I could actually get a decent schedule down. That is what a proper book blogger does!

I need to finish up a couple professional ones as well because as much as I might be in denial ... summer is not going to last forever. As soon as the 4th hits it's feels like wham bam IT'S OVER. Though I know technically I still have at least a couple weeks. Several appointments and such to still get through before then.

Friday, July 14, 2017

Fridays Come Fast in July

Here are some interesting things I've found around the webs. Click through for original sources. Thanks to those people for awesome content.

So you know I love Google Forms. They made some updates! When I figure out how specifically I will USE the updates that will be it's own post. Hopefully I will figure out a way. ? They look too cool to just let them sit.

Definitely try it out because you know it won't be free forever.

These are some examples from the iPad version.

If you saw that IG post I was talk about of the super cute HP fabric I got ... this is some other cute stuff that I wanted to get. But I didn't. But I wanted to. Just didn't quite know what I'd do with (who am I kidding ... what I'd ask my MOM to do with).

I was going to learn how to crochet this year. I got one of the Star Wars crochet kits for Christmas and then I saw this one. Hasn't happened yet. I get distracted plus the whole tingly fingers (not carpal tunnel ... cubital tunnel, in my case. So dumb) thing.

TO anyone still out there, thanks for sticking with me as I remember how to do this!

Thursday, July 13, 2017

Out of the Habit

Well. Missed ISTE. That was a bummer. Story of why is not interesting but I still feel badly about it, considering it was local to me and all. :(

I DID, however, get my Google Ed and Apple Teacher certifications so there is that. I am not a complete loser teacher. Everyone should totally should do it. I spent more time reviewing than was necessary for one already pretty familiar with the tools and considering it's open internet. Though ... I wasn't super excited about the wording of several of the questions. I feel like they were not as clear as they could have been. Is what it is. Anyway. Hopefully it's not breaking the TOU to display them together like this. Eventually I'll get them in the sidebar. Have to renew the domain name next month. Seems kind of silly considering I've posted what ... like four times in the past year? Maybe five. Hopefully eventually inspiration will strike again! :P It helped keep me on my toes.

I started listening to the Harry Potter #1 audiobook again to help me out of my reading slump and IG friends were right. I think it is helping! And if you are not on IG and didn't already see the sneak peak of the fabric I ordered for my mom to make something with ... my love for HP is only just behind Star Wars. Just. I hardly ever reread so it is so fun! Just what I needed!

Did anyone get anything interesting for Prime Day? I got a tech cords organizer and pre-ordered Bruce's Big Move and got Nanette's Baguette since I didn't already have it. Also because I got a Star Wars Kindle book I got a credit for 40% off another Kindle book so I'm deciding whether or not to preorder the new Wonder Woman YA coming out next month or getting a PD title. Decisions.
I have an Echo at home already. Didn't get one for school because they'd never let it on the network. :/
And to be honest I use it way more for music anyway. Still getting used to the talking to devices thing. I find it hard to talk to Alexa and Siri. I just got an Apple Watch, too. So how dumb is that.

Gasp! I have NOT gotten any of the Kohl's characters for school. Stuffies are highly discouraged in our district which is kind of sad (something about air quality ... who am I to judge as I am the one unwilling to wash or freeze them once a month or something like that). I totally used to have them. Clifford books? See him over there? That's where they are. Frog and Toad? See them over there? That's where the books are! I have gotten them for nieces and nephews, however. Knuffle Bunny remains elusive. Those of you still allowed to have them in your libraries ... I'm a little jealous of the pics but keep them coming because they are so cute! The one of MW walking in to Kohl's was hilarious, too, was it not?