Tuesday, August 6, 2013

B2S Shopping Reader Style: Book Bags

The SLANT Box Exchange

Signed up and talked to both of the peeps already. Snail mail/packages. Fun to send and get!

Is this the silliest blog series ever? Oh, well. It amuses me if no one else.

So I used this one just the other day for a different post but here it is again if you missed it!

Several different possibilities here.

I totally heart owls. But with this bag ... the model is a kiddo. So it wouldn't hold very many books. But it's still so fun. My mom made one for my niece. You know I'm asking for one. Next year. She's too busy right now and she DID just make me the Pigeon "Don't Lose Everything" apron.

Or this monogrammed one. Not really book-centric but it would carry books. And lots of 'em!

Or a nylon one might be easier to keep clean.

It's kind of strange but I quite like the orange one. Not usually a fan of colored leather.

I have never owned a 31 Bag so I can't really say anything about them.

These wouldn't hold any books ... but they are book bags. Click on the pic to go to the Etsy store. There are more in that store and on Etsy in general.

Just realized there's no Star Wars bag on here. Or Harry Potter. Well. Perhaps I'll have to update it later? Omissions partly fixed! Didn't really see a SW one that appealed so much.

Fun, right? You can remove the bow if you want. Click to go to the Etsy store.

Maybe this one. I had my doubts about a knit but it is lined. Here's the link.

Now. I am going in to school. For just an hour ... to see how much of a mess they made when they emptied the library (for new carpet so it's rude of me to complain ... though the old carpet was GROSS!). Truly I am nervous. If I ever used my instagram account that would be post worthy, right? But I don't so maybe FB. Or maybe I'll keep the fun to myself cause nobody likes a whiner.


PS Does anyone else wonder about snagging pics for posts like this? I always link back. But maybe it's still not cool.


  1. Looking forward to seeing pics of new carpet. I went from gross brown t a busy pattern that makes me a bit dizzy when I run across it! I love the Lands End totes and tend to go for functionality over decorativeness, but may need Potter one for daughter!

    1. Well. I am going to look for more fun bags now because ... I should have known. SOME of it was replaced with carpet. But most of it? Tile. Squeaky, squeaky tile.

      Also a pile of like 80 boxes in the middle of the floor, instead of in the general area of the shelves.