Tuesday, August 20, 2013


So 17 million people have already seen this ... but before today I was not one of them (and I have to say that doesn't happen all that often ... I waste enough time online I see most of the viral videos! Especially the more ... message oriented ones). Anyway. I loved it ... and it's something I know I need to work on cause I too often blow off frustrations by talking about them. I actually teared up a little bit and I do NOT do that in public. No way, no how, no sir.

Now. Must go to the gym. Finish getting my SLANT box together because the fact that today is the 20th sort of snuck up on me! And cross my fingers they come and fix the power to the circulation desk tomorrow! Was never a librarian in the card age ... I <3 the computerized systems. But alas, they need electricity to work!



  1. Thanks for sharing it. It's so effective!

  2. Thanks for sharing! The video made me cry, gasp and also made me have a new outlook on today! Thank you for that simple reminder that the power of words is so important.