Saturday, September 24, 2011


I'm stuck at home with my yearly bout of awful sore throat and a froggy or totally lost voice. Been wanting to update the blog for a while so this early afternoon one will be some miscellaneous library related stuff and then hopefully tomorrow or early next week I can write reviews of a couple of books some very kind people have sent me. Oh, and some I got from the library. And my poor Netgalley account ... loaded up the Nook before August's trip to the point where no person could have finished all of them and now they may never let me have free previews again!

Number 1: Pinterest
I am going to go all girly here but I totally <3 Pinterest. Should limit my time on the site but I find so many super cool ideas that I love! And the kids and other teachers end up loving! You can follow me here. It says Request an Invite but don't let that stop you. Only took maybe 30 minutes or so before I got my invite. Or comment here and I can "invite" you. Just to give you an idea of some of the things I've discovered, here are 10 of my favorite school or library related pins.
       1) classroom norms
       2) good readers printable posters
       3) paint chip search terms (There are SO MANY COOL THINGS you can do with paint chips!)
       4) super cool retro library posters
       5) book cover buntings
       6) voice level chart
       7) genre flip chart (Just finished a series of multimedia presentations for 5th grade on genres. Will post later!)
       8) copyright licenses for different clip art vendors (I do like that people care about this!)
       9) organizer (Made it! Can now find more stuff! My desk is not so organized usually. :[)
      10) infographic of new ed tech trends

Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Stella Louella

It is long past time for another post ... so I thought I'd share an old favorite that I am reading with first grade this week. Just as sort of a reminder.

So the first reason we like this book is her name. It's just fun to say. The second reason, of course, is that at one time or another we've all been here. ACK! Where did I leave my library book? Is it in "beds or baskets or bathtubs? Tool boxes or toy boxes or cereal boxes?" (Not an exact quote but you get the idea.) And then it becomes funny to see just how many people she can convince to help her look for the book (and how long it takes the story listeners to figure out from clues dropped by the people she asks just WHAT book it was that she misplaced).

There is a happy ending to this one, though as any librarian knows many lost book stories do not end up with such a twist. Still. The kids like to start chanting along with the names of all the people helping Stella look for her book. And we get to have a good talk about always having a place to keep all important things, including library books.