Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Paint Chips in the Library

I cannot help it ... I LOVE the color.

So I still don't have a prettier picture of these (in fact, these are the rough draft I posted back last year  on my poor neglected school blog) ... but believe me, they looked nicer laminated and hanging from a ring on little command hooks on the side of the computer monitors. Each genre had it's own color. The idea (took a little while for the kids to catch on but when they did? GOLD) was to help them with spelling and finding books in a particular genre by keyword searches in the OPAC. It's by far not complete or exhaustive. In fact you may find it kind of random. ;] If you have any suggestions please feel free to let me know. I can add them to this Google Doc. I just used a generic Avery label template and then cut them up. You will probably have to change the font to one that you have on your computer.

Then some more ideas that I've found on Pinterest include ...

Booksmarks! We can never have enough of them. I need to actually MEET someone who could supply us with paint chips. I always feel kind of guilty just taking them. Though I do have a couple possible painting projects in the works. Not as many as I want paint chips for. :]

So obviously not CURRENTLY a paint chip idea ... but couldn't it be? Especially in shades of red or orange (with the darker color being the goal ... red HOT)?

Same thing ... using dictionaries or thesaurus. OR titles of books in similar genres ... "If you liked this you'll love this"?

Seen lots of different versions of this one. One that was cute as a countdown using the Disney Mickey shaped paints. But of course I can't find that pin. Nor do we have a wall in the library to hang this up on. But if YOU have one? GO FOR IT. #dumbschoolarchitects

Simplified because I would not want to have to do this super often ... but the idea could be good for jotting down quick citations. Or guides to a particular area of the library?

Not paint chips. But still pretty colors, no? I'm still trying to figure out how to adapt this one. Some sort of mini-research kit, perhaps. Got any more ideas? Please link up! I'm getting too many things on Pinterest now and I can't find older pins as well. I wish you could search your own pins by keywords. Maybe one day.


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  1. What fun innovative ideas to use with paint chips! Thanks for sharing, inspired, as usual.