Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Wordless Wednesday & Digital Galaxy Citizens

It WAS going to be a pic of my new nephew. Then I decided maybe I shouldn't cause my sis hasn't shared the pic yet and even though none (well ... not very many, anyway) of you know her that would be jumping the gun a bit. He's so cute! And a niece is on the way. Different sibling.

So you get this instead. You can order giant eyes from ThinkGeek. Check out the Eyebombing site.

I'd eyebomb the mascot on the dumb tile just to make myself laugh. But maybe that would be unprofessional and uncool. Maybe the tile will reduce dust SO MUCH my allergies will get better? And kids won't squeak their feet all the way down the long length of the library? #right #butmiraclesnevercease

And another SW plea ... ideas for better quotes? If you like as is (and yes, I know it's not for everyone and really only "works" if kids have seen the movies but it amused me and I just did it while vegging in front of the tv and still fuming about changes in the library space ... which doesn't help anyone, now does it. Except for maybe you, if you like them!) Click on the link to download from Google Drive!

 Not very wordless, am I?


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