Wednesday, August 21, 2013

(Sort of) Wordless Wednesday

Thought #1
Three signs all pointing the same way ... annoying. Not enough contrast from far away to read the Narnia sign. Also annoying. Does it bother me enough to redo it, however ...

Thought #2
Totally copied off of Pinterest. Would it be worth it to add little books to the Minion bulletin board? And little word balloons like "Action!" or "Adventure!" or "Comedy!" or "Banana!"

Thought #3
Technically this one is not done yet. I need to find some chalk to put in the scoreboard and baselines ... it's supposed to be a baseball themed reading challenge. 9 weeks (gets us about to the World Series, right?). For every night most of the class reads for 20 minutes they get a base run. For every week (inning) most of the classes on a grade level get at least three base runs it will count as a home run. At the end of the 9 innings the grade with the most home runs is the "winner." I figured this way smaller grades won't necessarily be penalized. Or younger grades cause reading WITH someone counts.
I'm obviously not super knowledgeable about baseball. ;)

Thought #4
Purely by accident two of the three picture book signs are the same color. This is also sort of annoying. I can be OCD/perfectionist.

Tomorrow's PD is called "Empowerment Day." I'm super excited. #wellnotreallybutImtryingtopretend



  1. #1 The font for "The Shire" totally rocks.

    #2 Minions are adorable! Have no idea what I'm putting on my bulletin boards. I need a plan fast!

    #3 Staff development is time to hone your doodling skills. And list making. LOTS of list making.