Friday, July 5, 2013

New Project & Finally Friday

So ... I quite often start things and unless there is a specific deadline ... get distracted.

Like the last day or two. When I wasn't celebrating our country (Hope you had a great 4th if you are here in the US of A!) I was working on this ... which is something while I've thought about IN THEORY for a year now didn't ever start working on until just a relatively few hours ago. And I think I like it. Does anyone else like it? Worth keeping up? Or can you even tell cause it's not done yet and you can't see the sort of frame ...

Hooray for making student expectations obvious, right? And easy/interchangeable? Cause I don't have a chalkboard OR whiteboard and while I do have a Smartboard hey ... that's where the lesson is.

Now. If you're reading this in Bloglovin' or Feedly on a mobile device ... you might want to click through. I can't figure out why but pins don't show up in the app versions of either reader. I don't know why but I like my Friday pins so I'm doing them anyway. Hope that's not annoying.

CRAP as an acronym for evaluating sources. I actually totally <3 it and think the oddness of it would make kids remember. But would parents/teachers get mad at me for using a word that while not totally vulgar is still offensive?

Love these spot on tips for choosing just right books.

Display idea! Easy one, too.

Thinking of making one of these just for lunches during the school year.



  1. Your project looks good!

    I could spend DAYS on Pinterest. I swear I get lost on there. I make lots of recipes I pin, but do few of the crafts and other things. BUT, it's neat to get ideas...

    1. Thanks! I am going to keep working on it. In between some summer sun ... though around here the summer sun is so stinking hot it takes some of the fun out of it. ;)

      And yes. Have to set a timer or one can get lost. All these intents to do more with what I save but anyway. Better than all the bits of magazines I used to collect. At least this is all virtual.

  2. Hmmm....maybe if you said CRAP with some kind of beautiful accent... Like roll the R or something... : )

    Love your pins - I've just started Pinterest to pin covers of books that I've recently received in the library so that my teachers can "see" them from their classrooms. : )

    1. I like that. If I could roll my Rs as well as my sister (she can spread out Ruffles have Ridges a good 30 seconds) that would totally work!

      That is a good idea to start a board for teachers. Do you link it to author websites or like Amazon/B&N?