Friday, July 19, 2013

Finally Friday July 19

Well, I lied. One more post. The little guy headed back to his home (with his momma and my brother in tow) early this morning. :( All my nieces and nephews live too far away.

I love this idea for an iDevice (or Android, too, probably).

FB page followers will know why I pinned this one.

Super cute outfit. Only white pants? I'd get something on them within five minutes. #howoldamIagain

The stairs in the new place will have carpet. :( But if they WERE wood ... aren't these FAB?

And for a random one ...

I hope he or she had a telephoto lens. A very LONG telephoto lens.

Next week ... two days of Guided Inquiry institute. MUST FINISH ASSIGNED READING!
Back on track with eating and exercising. WHY is that so hard? I so wanted to lose some weight this summer. Lots of cute clothes in my closet (that actually are in line with my fashion pins) that don't fit. :X Bout ready to chuck them instead of move them to the new place. But I want them to fit again. :/
Finish baseball reading (did you see the pennant I posted on TPT? Not quite as hodge podge in terms of shape as the SW one) signs.
Finish student objectives signs
Lots of reading!
Finish kitchen table. Had to take a break because with company we needed the garage open for parking.
Cleaning. Getting a house ready to put on the market is NOT FUN.


PS So I might have just gotten on the Honey Bunch waiting list for a new blog design. And a personalized Melonheadz. Should I go with the curly and up in a clip (which is what it is usually) hair or the sleek and straight hair (which is what I always have my stylist do because I LOVE it but can't ever recreate it). Also ... same color scheme or different? And do I have them include a light saber or no? ;) #DECISIONS


  1. Two years ago, I went with my current design because it was more book focused. I couldn't find children cartoons that weren't too childish, and I didn't want to pigeon hole the blog LOOK as only boys, just in case. In the end, it's my favorite color and a bit generic, but I find it soothing. I always appreciate the personality of others' blogs, though, so have fun! And I have already painted wood steps, but that's a lot of different paint!

    1. Yes. I hope it doesn't end up overboard on the cutesy. But it will look like ME. Skinny me with sleek straight hair. ;)
      So far my efforts to possibly move "up" into middle school have not worked out. I hadn't even thought of that, though. Eventually ... if prospective admins even look at my blog ... hmm. Hadn't even thought of that pigeonholing me. Hmmm.

  2. LOL! I love the random one and the phone background pin is funny too! :)
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