Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Jumping on the Bandwagon Fangirl Bunting

So ... I get distracted from things. Like my student lesson objectives signs. They're about ... 80% done. And my reading. And decluttering. And exercising. And painting of kitchen stuff. And figuring out why my Mac can get SO SLOW.

But as I was watching Warm Bodies tonight (which is actually very cute, though I could have done without the language) I was playing on my computer.

IT'S NOT PERECT. A couple places you can see little things that you shouldn't cause I don't know my Photoshop and can't do masks properly yet ... but hey. Those funny little parts will be cut off.

And it's an ink sucker.

And the credit links aren't clickable because when I tried to convert it into Keynote it got all weird. And links don't stay live in PPT to PDF like they do in Keynote to PDF.

But my fangirl heart thinks this is cool. Click on the pic to download from Google Drive.

Now. One more prescheduled post tomorrow and then I'm done. I'm playing with this little guy while my brother and s-i-l visit. This was like the three minutes all day he set down his new UT football. Umm ... Go Cougars! #meandbrotherwenttodifferentschools