Wednesday, July 17, 2013

N is for...

Laura Numeroff, of course.
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(Oddly enough Bookbox wouldn't let me add If You Give a Moose a Muffin. :/ Not a WIN for my first try with Bookbox.) Old favorites that the kids have heard a hundred times but every once in a while I still pull them out in the library. One year we wrote our own "If You Give a Reindeer Some Rootbeer" and that was fun. Used up a lot of paper though.

Jennifer Nielsen and The Ascendence Trilogy (of which two are released). Fun fantasy! I SO WISH I WAS GOING TO THE BYU YOUNG READER'S SYMPOSIUM THIS WEEKEND (she will be there). I got to go a couple years ago when

Kadir Nelson was presenting. And it was awesome. Perhaps my favorite author experience ever (also included David Shannon, Laurie Halse Anderson, and Brandon Mull). And so was he! #fangirl

(And on a totally unrelated to "N" note I still remember I was sitting in a room waiting for a small group chat session with Mr. Nelson to start when I checked my phone and saw this. And it made me laugh. And now I see that was three years ago. Also most of this was shot in the "newer" section of the library. Which opened like TWO WEEKS AFTER I GRADUATED. #timing)

No, wait! It still works because the video is called New Spice. Wow. Posts when you are feeling kind of uninspired aren't always a total loss.

Can anyone think of a book character that starts with N? Or a library tool? I guess NON-fiction might work.


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