Thursday, July 25, 2013

I (Don't Always) Love My School Shoes

So this post was going to be a Throwback Thursday copy and paste. But companies have changed selections!

Remember these? A bit different from last year's choices. Looking back at that post I see they were on sale last 8/2 ... I wonder if they'll do that again. Cause it was a year ago NOW that I ordered my Green Eggs and Ham low-top pair--that they no longer carry! #timing

And these (again, a bit different ... Catwoman and Batgirl used to be two different pairs ... apparently now it's one of each which is maybe a little strange) ...

I thought about showing you a picture of all my other "regular" Converse. But these are the two one can sort of justify as work related. Professional necessity and all. Pete the Cat might help out on that expanding that definition. Anyway. Hobbling out to the car at the end of the day is not professional either! So as much as I love cuter more delicate, classy, and "professional looking" shoes (and I do own them!) it is not to be.

(OH! And before I forget ... look what I got at Jo-Ann Fabrics yesterday? I see a Just Right Fit Book lesson  in my future ... BUT NOT FOR FIVE OR SIX MORE WEEKS! Check out THIS page for a fun iPick shoe poster as well as a ppt that you could tweak for your situation. I didn't make 'em. Sharing other people's ideas!)

Piperlime had a 20% off sale earlier this week. I ordered these. Hopefully they are comfy?

Yes. I already have these. I own Crocs. #clintonandstacywouldnotapprove (BTW ... $25 on Amazon)

Considering these. Just for fun.

PS Side note ... I was considering shoes as a post topic. Then I read one last week from another librarian. And now I can't find it. So ... great minds think alike, whoever you were!


UNRELATED... also got these at Jo-Anns. Books that are Movies. $6 for the 2 packages together ... or $4 each but 50% off the second item. There was matching bulletin board border but with the way kids pick at it (I kid you not ... like 50 staples a week!) more generic corrugated stuff is usually what I do.

And have you seen the Dr. Seuss stuff in the Target Dollar Spot? I had to withhold big time.


  1. Clarks. More expensive, but just the thing when I can't get away with running shoes with a pleated skirt and cardigan!

  2. You must dress nicer than I do. I used to wear nice pencil skirts/pleated skirts/creased trousers. Then 1) I got tired of the dry cleaning bills for how often I came home filthy because of all the dust on the bookshelves from 1500 feet on a slow day walking through the library and then sweat from the AC that doesn't get turned on until 10 minutes before school starts and turned off 10 minutes after it's out; and 2) I gained some weight. :/
    So now it's quite often Converse, khakis, and sometimes a button down, sometimes a cardigan (though in South Texas that is not as often as I might even like!), and sometimes a reading themed t-shirt. #oops

  3. OH MY GOODNESS! I am loving that I found another person who loves her Chucks! I usually wear mine 2-3 days a week depending on what we are doing.

    Coffee Cups and Lesson Plans

    1. Yep! There again ... great minds think alike.

  4. I LOVE that you found the Dr. Seuss section at Target! Usually my rule is that I don't buy anything school related until August 1, but you know that as soon as you see something you like in the dollar section, it'll be gone tomorrow if you don't scoop them up right then and there. :) I only got the cups with all the different characters on them; I figured they would be good for pens/pencils or "Choose a slip of paper from the cup" activity. PS: I'm a new subscriber to your post, and I'm in love. Thanks for all your great ideas so far! :)

    1. Thank you!
      And yes. It's ... hard. When I went in ... was it a week ago? Week and a half? Anyway. Saw the display signs propped up against the carts in the front of the store. They were just starting. I screamed. Not super loud so that the whole store heard me but the workers thought it was funny. Wasn't trying to be ridiculous. Just NOT READY!

      But school supplies are pretty much my favorite whenever. So when they're on sale even better. On sale when work is still theoretical (for at least a few more days/weeks)? THE BEST!