Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Fits to a Tee B2S Shopping Bookish Style

Every school district, campus, and teacher has to have their own style. That could be construed in many different ways ... but today we're actually talking fashion!

Or, as you may feel, especially after my shoe post the other day ... the total lack of fashion sense. ;)

And no. None of us would want to wear t-shirts every day. But when one spends enough time crawling around on floors and moving tables and SMART boards and shelving books on ridiculously dusty shelves ... a nice pair of khakis and a t-shirt make much more sense than Banana Republic trousers or Ann Taylor Loft pencil skirts all the time.

When my hair was shorter I looked just like the librarian pictured on the shirt. Look at the store ... there's also a bumper sticker that says "Check me out." Old library joke but it's still sort of funny.

Take, for example ... READING IS JAWSOME. You know it's cool. While I was snagging the image a pop up appeared and for an email (we should all have junk emails for just this purpose!) you can get 40% off your first order. (But I just noticed ... apparently not on this particular tee cause it's custom made. But the rest of the site. Anyway. Click on the pic to go take a look.)

And Vader's READ A BOOK. Still want more people to contact them so that they'll release this shirt in a women's fit. It's on my pinboards like five times. WeLoveFine had a 20% off coupon over the 4th of July. I didn't order it. I wish I had. Click on the pic to take a look.

Harold and the Purple Crayon! Not usually a wear-er of purple but I might make an exception. This is one of our favorite book apps. You can't get it on the US store any more. I don't know why. :(

OLD School Nancy Drew! Kids won't get it but other teachers will.

READING RAINBOW. Please get on the Volume Purchasing app store so that we can get your app w/o all H-E-Double Hockey Sticks breaking loose.

I might need to get this one. Our school is using the baseball theme. Not super happy with the shirts. Like this one better. Will that look like I don't play nice?


I have this one. I spilled salsa on it the other day. Luckily it came out. #thepowerofstainspray


PS Clicking on links will not make anyone but the companies money. Never bothered to deal with the paperwork for "affiliates" and I don't see that changing in the future. Will let you know if it does.

PS #2 My take on the "cute" kerfluffle? I got addicted to clip art when I knew I wanted graphics that were visually pleasing to go on signs and PR stuff for the library as well as assignment creation. And Creative Commons IS awesome ... but egads. The hours you have to spend looking for a particular animal or a person in a particular job. Clip art costs more but it comes pre-indexed/keyword named.

Fonts, on the other hand ... that one I have to just own up. No real addition to any learning. That one is just totally it satisfies MY aesthetic.

I don't do the pompoms. Or a particular color scheme as we have some cherry wood tables/shelves/circ desk. Some BRIGHT royal blue shelves. Some ancient 70's whitewashed shelves. Some white columns because a former administrator went completely over my head and had the custodial staff paint over them completely without asking me. :X So I guess maybe I could go red, white, and blue. But I haven't.

I also haven't labeled everything but maybe I should because I'm forever losing stuff.

That is all.


  1. I am so not a t'shirt gal. (Can't hide the tummy..) BUT the Mo Willem's Pigeon shirt "Driven to Read" is so tempting!

  2. Wait- they didn't ASK if they could put my picture in a shirt! But $31. Whew. Since I get my pleated skirts and cardigans at the thrift store, sometimes my whole outfit is $10! But it comes in cranberry... what fun!

    1. They have sales fairly often. Granted that still only gets you down to like between $22 and $25. But it was, at one point (I keep swearing I'm going to cut it all off because it is so HOT here anyway) when my hair was that length it was such a spitting image I had to have it. ;)