Thursday, July 11, 2013

Completely OT: Big White Box Dresser

So. Been meaning to do something with it since years before Pinterest. It's so boring it bums me out when I look at it.

But I can't decide.

Can't redo the ENTIRE thing at this point. Too big to do in the room and once this sucker gets downstairs it needs to go on the truck. So whatever I do the "outside" of the dresser will probably still be white. Thinking mainly of the drawers at this point.

Nicely lit iPhone snapshot, right? There are three rows of two drawers in each. The smaller knobs are actually "faux" and attached to the same drawer as the knobs to the left. There's another long drawer on the other side of the handles and faux knobs. Just couldn't get a decent shot of the whole thing without visual clutter. Not REAL clutter, by any means. :/ SO ... there are actually 10 KNOBS on this thing. Six of the longer handle ones and then four of the round ones. I hate the knobs. Ten makes for an investment. But not as much as an entirely new dresser.

Haven't found anything that looks like my dresser on Pinterest but I sort of like these.
Pics link back to the original sources. Frustrated with embedded pins right now. Also two of the pins the link was messed up anyway.

 This is the closest one to my dresser. Only my "colors" are a chocolate brown, a couple shades of leafy green, and white. No mustardy yellow. Though I guess I could, couldn't I. Even add the grey to the mix if this color collection is to be believed. Anyway. Here's a text link back to the owning MStreetDenver blog as well.

 Wrong kind of dresser ... mine's longer and not so tall. And as much as I love the London Underground ... was thinking more of maybe authors. Austen, Bronte, Shakespeare, Rowling, and if I really thought about it some more. Maybe picture book, too. Maybe chocolate brown drawers with white text? Or the leafy green. Text link back to the Cheltenham Road blog here.

Or maybe something like this? Text link back to Leisure Living post here.

I will have lots of Monday Made It stuff. Bookmark bins, a vinyl Pigeon sticker on my work laptop (which I'm getting nervous "they" will get mad at and might take it off). Kitchen chairs (A POX ON ALL THE SPINDLES!). Maybe the table (or maybe not cause it might need to wait until after a family visit.)

Now to finish a book before a library visit. Have my own hold shelf over there that I need to clean off. Which won't help my visual clutter. Or my decluttering efforts, either, actually. #somanydistractions


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  1. I've also seen wallpaper decoupaged on the front of the drawers-- that might work. I finally came to the point where I am going to buy myself a NEW dresser at a nice place. Realized just how many of my home furnishing came out of the actual trash, and thought I'd invest in something nice to take to the rest home with me!