Saturday, July 6, 2013

Dollar Find

These were at Michaels yesterday for a dollar each. Do they still do the teacher discount? I hadn't been there in forever plus I didn't have my badge so I didn't ask ... but once upon a time you could get like 10 or 15% off. If you remembered to being teacher ID.

They're about, oh ... six inches high at the edges?

Now. To the gym! And to finishing my literary signposts. And maybe Sherman Williams to get pain for the kitchen table and chairs I'm going to attempt to redo.

PS Objectives signs are coming along.

PS #2 Also ... I didn't buy these. But oh, how I wanted to!

Half off at B&N!

And PS #3 This came from the mailman yesterday. Awesome, it is-eth.

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  1. I have some of those from Michaels! We use them at each checkout station to collect the kids barcode bookmarks. It makes them easy to count a few times a day to track patrons.

    They DO still give you a discount with your badge. Which is great, but hard for me to remember in the summer when I'm traveling.

    1. Oh good. I wasn't sure (and didn't ask because I didn't have my ID anyway) because apparently I haven't been there since February when they stopped the Rewards card program.