Friday, July 26, 2013

Finally Friday July 26

OK. Today I'm going to try copying the pics off of the original sites and linking through. I feel a bit weird about that ... at least Pinterest made it very obvious they were never mine to begin with. And no one could get just the pic from my website. But dumb Feedly and Bloglovin don't pick up most embedded things!

I want some of these SO MUCH RIGHT NOW. PB and chocolate is like my favorite combo. The pic is linked to the original source ... Butter Baking. But they are NO BAKE so that's even better.

Fun, right? Adaptable to different grade levels, too. And am so mad I didn't come up with it myself because I have all of the clip art. Maybe it's because I have no walls and the two bulletin boards I DO have are constantly picked to pieces means I just don't think that way? Or I'm just not as cool. Anyway. The pic will take you to the blog where you'll click on the pic again. No direct link to the Google doc because you need to see where it came from!

Saw this on Pinterest. Totally want to do it! Also I need to go get my phone and figure out who did this version of the song. True, by Duvall. Never heard of 'em but I got the song. It's 10 years old! #apparentlyIamoutoftouch

This one is from a blog called Whimsical Perspective. It's made out of sheet music and it's more involved than my usual projects but ... I like. How fun might it be from a withdrawn book?

This one? It speaks for itself. ;)

Extra one today. I'm not as much a fan of her dancing or some of her costumes as I am of the music as a whole. So just close your eyes and listen. If you sort of want to giggle a little bit at the dancing I would understand. I guess it's a thing?

Anyone having a Potter Party in August? I've been debating but it's a stressful time for everyone and I don't always get a lot of participation in stuff like that. Only teachers that made book character pumpkins last year were my assistant and her daughter (who also works at our school).

I keep looking at cookie cutters. I DON'T EVEN DECORATE COOKIES. Though one could always start. ;)



  1. I had to visit your blog this morning because my reader did show the PB and chocolate. This is definitely a good find. :)

    1. Yes, cause I didn't embed the pins through Pinterest. So they did show up. But I had to go "steal" the pics first. I linked them, of course. But anyway.
      I still want some. Kind of funny cause I still need to go to the gym today. And I got some new e-arcs from NetGalley. I love the feel of a good workout AFTER it's done. Before? All I want to do is eat PB&chocolate and read books.