Thursday, January 31, 2013

Favorite Valentine Books

(Feeling pretty close to human again! And this one only needed a little bit of tweaking to be ready. #stupidappendix And OH! The cute heart banner up in the image above? TOTALLY MELONHEADZ.)

These are a few of my favorites. What are yours?

Funny, funny, funny.

So I pretty much love anything these two do!

Not usually a big Splat fan (he's kind of self-centered) but I do like this one. He gets out of his comfort zone to make a Valentine. #cute

Look at that hippo and tell me you're not curious. ;)

NEW! But it's Duck and Goose. So it's already awesome and a favorite.

These are always fun. Some of the rhymes are a little forced but not too badly.

The obvious heart art possibilities.

Not that I think fourth or fifth graders need to be worrying too much about this ... but this book is spot on. A great model for "how to" writing and he does present some good ideas.

(PS The book covers were snagged from all over the place. Make sure to check out your local library or bookstore if you would like to get a copy!)

And on a side note ...
these little mini-posters are $1.75,

and so are these;

and these bookmarks are $1.00;

these valentines are $2.25;

and these are free!

I heart them all. A lot. I'm sort of discombobulated with "themes" aren't I. Can't stick with one.
And apologies for the "commercial." I actually really dislike that. Tried to give some good content at the beginning of the post!


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