Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Apps for Teacher Librarians Part 2: Media Creation

Puppet Pals HD or Pocket ... there's a free version but I'm linking to the director's passes because of course you have WAY more options with the paid versions. (And the Pocket version Director's Pass WAS free for a couple days last week ... did you catch it?) Hooray for being able to save work and export videos to the camera roll (and then to whereever you want to post them).
And HEY! New version. Which I don't have yet. But maybe soon. (And if any readers just happen to be Christian and involved in teaching there ... how did I miss that they had a Bible version? And for those that might also be LDS ... a Book of Mormon version? Linked both of those to the freebie versions but I would think the director's pass would be worth the minimal investment. Or watch for when they go free.)

Toontastic ... same there. Free pack for anyone (check out the historical ones!) and then a school "subscription" for all of them. I LOVE their set up. Just really frustrated that they won't allow you to export the videos. They can ONLY be seen on their website and embedded elsewhere. They don't want to split their product (or something to that extent ... I wrote and asked and that was the gist I got from their answer). Frustrating because hey. As a teacher and school we don't want work split, either. We want some control over where kids' work goes. And we're PAYING. Boo to that. But I still love their animations and the story-telling structure framework. The artwork is way cuter than Puppet Pals, too. :/

Sock Puppets has a basic, 30 second recording version available for free. Then there are other options available with in-app purchases or a content pass. Kids could explain a science topic, or summarize a story.

Vintagio requires the right project. But it's so much fun! I picked it up when it was free (and called Silent Movie Director) but I'd pay. I love the sepia toned videos and music. Easier to have the kids make and show cue cards than have to rerecord over and over if they don't like how they delivered lines. Maybe for a book trailer on a historical fic story?

Action Movie is also LOADS of fun. I hope to have some PSAs on "rapid changes to the earth's surface" by the end of January for you. Warning, though. A lot of the best effects are in-app purchases. So this one I actually have on my personal iPhone, not the school iPad.

ScrollShow is a freebie! And only on the iPad. But it's a slideshow maker with a bit more kick than just PPT. Which doesn't come on an iPad. ;)

Haiku Deck for presentations ... with pics to use! Now, I cannot guarantee every single pic. Haven't seen all of them. But I have not come across anything ... untoward. And Richard Byrne likes it.

Comic Life is available on both iTouch or iPad. I have to think it would be a bit harder on the iTouch, though, just because of the size of the screen. But so much fun. The "Daring Librarian" is a master at Comic Life. So far it's just me using it on my personal Mac or the school iPad (with only one device it's hard for student projects as it does take a little while) but if the right time comes along they certainly COULD use it.


Here's Part 1 of the newer set. And that reminds me I already need to go update it ... just a few hours after I posted that the 2012 Cybils book app finalists were announced.

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  1. I just looked for ScrollShow on the App store, and there's no such app available. There IS one called ScrollMotion. Would that be it?