Wednesday, January 16, 2013

B is for ...

Blogging. This makes me laugh, even if this particular Sherlock pictured was my least favorite of the six episodes.

I just noticed the source of this photo. I hope I am not linking to something strange. :/
Anyway. It's helped me to reflect on my reading preferences and teaching practices. And get ideas from other great educators. And I love the idea of student blogging. Had some success with more closed "forums" at my school. So far not a lot of student blogging ... though I think that could be awesome.

Board Books. I never used to see the point. Then I had nieces and nephews (and students ... even though they are all at least three and should know better!). Not the best shots (one had to have some serious digital help with the lighting and it was a cell pic to begin with) but look. IS HE NOT THE CUTEST? I have more shots of the other ones but these are from the last two weeks. The older shots are harder to find. :/ #shameonmefornotorganizingandtagging

Plus? He can say "book." If you're listening. ;]

BOOKSHELVES ... I have an entire Pinterest board devoted to them. None of that "styling" where there are all of three books on the shelf for me. Yes, there does need to be some space to breathe on there. But after that? BOOKS. BOOKS. And more BOOKS. Also not in order by color cause that's just dumb. Topic or author. Just like the library.

Also, want to see something slightly funny? All three of these color bookshelves are in our library space. #wematch

Yes. Those are VHS. I got rid of all the ones that are on Streaming Video. And after that fuss I didn't have the drive to get rid of these. Tired of the fuss. But one day soon I will be strong enough to say "Please don't question my professionalism. And seriously, so many of the books on the older RR are hard to get nowdays!

Blue Balliet. No pinned pic for this but her website is newly (or, at least since the last time I checked it out!) redesigned. I still love an activity we did when Chasing Vermeer was new. Had mysterious letters delivered to classrooms with clues that they had to use the databases to solve. Our missing article was my Yoda READ poster.

Bears. I love bears. It's genetic from my mom. My niece once had a little bet going with Grandma about how many bears she had in her house. Shall we just say the number was higher than any of us guessed. ;)
Here is a screenshot of some of the bear books I've read. I'm actually surprised there aren't more. I probably forgot to add some to Goodreads. Or Goodreads didn't recognize it was a "bear" book. Like Peter Brown's You Will Be My Friend. Totally a bear book. Not on here. #weird


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