Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Apps for Teacher Librarians Part 4: General Utilities

NEARPOD ... Teacher version on your iPad device and student versions on their iPad or iTouch devices. (I thought they used to be separate apps on the iTunes store ... but it doesn't look like that anymore. Since I already have them on our devices it's hard to test.) Allows you to "control" what they see and monitor as they view your presentation. Click through the pin for a video.

Source: nearpod.com via Angie on Pinterest

a QR Code Reader. I like Inigma but any one will work.

Teachers Pick (iPad or iTouch) Won't lie ... it took a long time to get all of the classes set up--not as long as you might think but longer than I wanted. And I'm not perfect at keeping them updated with all of our move-ins and outs. That said this still helps me a lot ... I don't call on the same kiddos all the time and it helps me remember their names! There are other apps that do the same thing ... this is just the one I happen to have. I saw one on Pinterest at some point that included Bloom's question stems as it randomly chose students. Could be useful!

Dropbox is a GREAT way to move bigger files (like videos) from an iDevice to a desktop. You do have to have a free Dropbox account. If you don't have one already and use this link I'll get a bit of free extra online storage space. You NEED this one as many apps are designed to integrate with Dropbox. ;)

 (Only ... "there ARE now." Not "there IS." Grammar. I might run on sentences but my subjects and verbs agree. Usually. :/)

Google Drive Of course this is only useful if you have a google account to sign in with. But you can move files back and forth this way. Get the pdfs from Google Drive and download, then open in Skitch for annotation or iBooks for reading!

Chrome! I dislike Safari. Couldn't even really tell you why. Chrome is the way to go. ;)

Three Ring looks to be pretty cool. Haven't used this one yet but I think it would be nice to try. Quick pics of student work and then you don't have to carry the work around, you can grade digitally. Your thoughts for in the library classroom? Check out this mashable article on it.

In my quest to understand Evernote ... there's an app!

Here are Parts 1, 2, and 3. Anyway. Are there any topics or app themes that you are interested in?


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