Thursday, January 3, 2013

Reading Resolutions

It is THOUGHTFUL THURSDAY. And I am thinking EEK! Not quite ready to go back to work on Monday. I was sick for so much of this break. Can we get a do-over?
But ready or not here it comes.

First ... I just finished a (for now ... text) page of links to printables (usually bookmarks or library signs with some lessons!)... both freebies hosted here on Google Drive, freebies on TPT, and priced items on TPT. If you are interested.

THEN ...

So I saw some of those little flip book things on Pinterest and started playing around with making one Library-Centric. I can't give out the entire template because I'm still not quite sure on the Lettering Delights TOU ... freebies, even? I only bought the personal use fonts so I'd better leave it at this little preview and if you are so inspired, you can recreate your own. Plus I might not even use these. Color ink and all. I wish the same shapes came in blacklines. Maybe I'll just use die-cuts for the numbers. Then they'd be colorful.

Not much to it but if you want just the part I can share ... click on the pic and download the pdf! My Own Topher font from Kevin and Amanda. The Lettering Delights little previews you can see ... I think they were called Denim Stitch and ... something to do with Moustache. Anyway. Those you'll have to get for yourself or have the kids create their own numbers!

2 Books I Loved Last Year

  • For me? That would be Wonder and The One and Only Ivan. Both read in February!

O Genre I Never Tried but WILL TRY One This Year

  • Hmm. Pretty much tried all of them at least once. But I will read more non-fic and graphic novels.

1 New Place to Read

  • OUTSIDE. I'm always on the couch. Only ... DRATTED POLLEN AND TEXAS HEAT. So this limits times of day and seasons. If not outside then maybe ... the bookstore? Don't hang out there too much, actually. Or the public library. Grab my books off the hold shelf and go.

3 Books Recommended by Friends

  • The ideas is if we do this together in the library they can turn and talk to their friends about the "2 Books I Loved Last Year." The idea. These things never work quite like you think, do they?


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