Friday, January 25, 2013

Finally Friday Pins Jan 25


I just gave up writing a quarterly article for LMC on Books New to Spanish. But the former Spanish teacher in me loves this pic and wants to explore this blog more. For those of you that don't read Spanish ... Google Translate!

I did something sort of like this one year. First year we had a Flip camera and mini-tripod ... the kids did it themselves. The Flip has now died, sadly ... I have a Kodak something or other which I like but it's a personal device, not a school one. Anyway, I had it all set up so all they had to do was push the big red button. Used a black science fair presentation board and covered it with red and hot pink hearts. Then filmed kids sitting in front of it saying "I love my library because ..." Sort of like a "confessional booth" like on the reality TV shows? ADORABLE. Was a little hard keeping track of parent permissions and who could be posted. And the little PreKers that wanted to come say something because they heard me mention it on the morning announcements? PRICELESS.

Remember how just last Friday I was showing you a bunch of little felt finger puppets I made and never used? I want to make these now. #nosense

Dunno who this "Angel" is but I like these ideas.

I want to order one of these. But I dislike having my picture taken so I don't know what to send her. Holding a book and my iPhone? Or Macbook? Or violin? Wearing ... running shoes (HA HA HA! :/)? Doc Marten Mary Janes? Or combat boots? Curly hair (natural) or straight (which only my stylist can do)? #TOOMANYDECISIONS



  1. I love the idea of "I love my Library"! I might have to use this year. I was just looking for something for my display case. Thanks for posting.

  2. Another great idea!! You are a fantastic source! Thank you!!