Saturday, January 12, 2013

A is for ...

I started an alphabet series (books, authors, information seeking skills, tech, and JUST MY FAVORITES) last year and never finished it. Here's to do-overs in the new year.

I can't help it. I <3 my Mac and iPhone. I MISS MY MAC when I am at school and stuck with a faltering lame PC that takes 10 minutes to boot up. #bignetworksareamajormajorpain

Katherine Applegate, author of The One and Only Ivan
Love that story. I used to go and visit Ivan when he lived at the B&I. Not a very nice place and he looked so lonely. Glad his story got a happy ending. I tell all my students about another animal that lived at the B&I. A poor rooster. He was stuck in a machine where people (NOT ME) would put in quarters and it would heat up the floor and make the rooster "dance." :X If I'd known I would be a school librarian back then ... and that such a good book would have been written ... I would have TAKEN A PICTURE. #alas #theundocumentedyearsbeforeiphones

Anne Shirley. I'm not usually much for girly-type books but I love this character. My sisters and I want to visit PEI. Like really bad want to visit.

Tedd Arnold and FLY GUY.


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