Thursday, July 12, 2012

Tech Goal: Evernote

So ... it had been my goal this summer to really learn Evernote. I've had an account for at least a couple years now but hardly ever login. #oops

Haven't really followed up on that goal yet. But if it truly would save me from paper clutter/misplacement? (We're talking BOTH at school and at home, here. :/ For an information professional I can be a bit of a mess.) It would CHANGE MY LIFE.

And hopefully you are not annoyed by all the Pinterest repinning? This is sort of a way for me to organize them. I've been on it for a year and have started to get way too many pins. :/

Now, as a librarian our conferences are obviously quite a bit different than the regular classroom teacher. But I still can't help but think ... in theory this would be cool. I tried creating a pensieve of the 4th and 5th graders last year. And here's the thing. I flipped through it several times and did manage to make a few connections I might not have otherwise. But if it was electronic ... could I filter it so that I could easily figure out which 15 kids from four classes in two grade levels all liked sports books? And perhaps facilitate some sort of social reading activity? We all do some of this in our head everyday ... just wondering if this would be able to do it better. Or if it would not be worth the set up work?

From this post I'm particularly interested in the Checklists, Running Records, and Displaying Student Work. Checklists for student participation, or maybe tracking returns (easy enough to hit a tic mark when they tell me than trying to go back and run circulation reports). If it's in my Evernote account I can go through and snap photos with my iPhone, school iPad, or school iTouch and then not worry about having to "sync" anything. That automatic text detection thing could be MOST useful.

This is a list of how one person has used Evernote both personally and professionally.

This one goes to a livebinder specifically for educators ... so there's lots of info. I'm curious about the browser extensions.

Then of course you can also go to YouTube and get loads of tutorials.

Also, of course ... Evernote owns SKITCH. I <3 Skitch. Wish I could have it on my school PC.

I do believe that just about all of these pins came from one person that I mentioned on my earlier Pinterest post. We've never met but I've already learned a lot from just following her pins.

I do get tired of many of the "Hey Girl" pics ... but this one still makes me laugh. Just thought I'd add it to this little public declaration of my goal. Within ... well. Shall we say by October I will do MY OWN post of how I've been using it? Instead of regurgitating others' content? Hope to see you around then!

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