Friday, May 1, 2015

Finally Friday May 1

Oh, boy. EOY craziness. Thought it would go away with testing mostly done but no. :P

SO. Click through for embedded content.

I was thinking about looking for some small ones ... like for chocolates? And then have the kids make bookmarks for their mom during #makermornings next week? In a perfect world I would have planned ahead and already have them. Because tomorrow I do not have a car. Mine is still in the shop after the deer incident.

I think these are so pretty. This could sort of count as "green" art, could it not? Though it's not actually reusing much.

I SO WISH I had a window. Well, have always wished that. Also that it wasn't so humid that nothing stays stuck on the walls. But then I'd be making this. YOU KNOW WHAT MONDAY IS.

If I decide to do like a Star Wars library theme next year (is that too personal?) ... totally making this. Maybe I should watch some SW Rebels this summer. The kids would probably like that best. I do happen to be new Rogue 211.

It's playoff time around here. We're ... trying not be stressed. But it's 3-3. Tomorrow is do or die. #raceforseis (And in the interest of full disclosure I have no idea what they are doing down on the court. Just know these are GOOD GUYS. Role models. Team players.

Have a great weekend! I brought home a bunch of new books we just got today to look at.

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