Wednesday, May 20, 2015

Wordless Wednesday

Already posted it on both Twitter and Instagram so apologies if you've been triple hit ... but I <3 it very much.

SW Read You Must Bulletin Board

Even though his hands are kind of ... funny. The rest of him is perfect. And I was pleased with my "a-ha!" to add little Overdrive icons to the bookcovers.

Julie R. you are the winner of #gabbyduran! Send me a message with your mailing address, please. My email is in the sidebar. Thanks to everyone who entered. Takes entries to get people to let me host giveaways. If you didn't win it's a fun one to pick up wherever you might get books.

I had a lovely birthday. I took a mental health day. Slept in, went to visit my niece and nephew (and s-i-l ... can't forget her ;) brother was at work), went to a fun used Lego store. You may hear more about that and see things that I discovered there. Then lunch and a stop for a fun surprise ... pretty owl earrings! Then a nap. How old can I be that that felt great? I also helped my mom with a church activity for 8 year old girls. 

This post was not very #wordless.

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