Friday, May 22, 2015

Friday Part 2 #keptmesane #drovemealittleinsane

Long day. Long day. No time for lunch. iPads out, iPads away (I know. First world problem.) Glue sticks out. Glue sticks away. Internet working. Internet not working.

A good portion of today was spent with a class on what was sort of an "darn it I have no idea" project that is turning out to be kind of fun. "We want to do research. We don't care on what." Well. Not sure how much this counts toward research but we did get some keyword discussion going. And notetaking means HIGHLIGHTS, not every word. And "Cite your pics!"

Student Created Summer Reading Book Creator

So far this is the only one who is "done." This was her first draft of the persuasive writing, we didn't do any editing. 

Student Created Summer Reading Book Creator Part 2

If the other kids finish their writing we'll have an entire book that I will post so they can go back and reference it all summer. I hope they can finish things. Not sure I can continue to spend as much time with them but we shall see. If it works out I will make a better cover and a ToC.

If it looks at all fun to you here's the info. The kids used the new Pic Collage Kids app for the collages. They are working on the writing in Google Docs and sharing it with me. Then I can copy/paste into this Book Creator file.


  1. Citing pictures is not hard, and yet I can't get my students to do it! Argh. Feel your pain. I wish the teachers would back me up, and grade them on citing things! Glue sticks in the library. Oooh. Makes me glad I see classes for such a short time! Our last day was Thursday, but I won't say any more and make you jealous!

    1. I DISLIKE GLUE STICKS. But regular glue even more. Piggie & Elephant puppets. Which the kids LOVE. So I do it. In my perfect world even this little project would remind them ALWAYS that they must give credit to photo sources (even B&N when they are not the actual creators of the image ... but it's a start!). Do we live in my perfect world? #atleastthisonce ;)