Saturday, May 2, 2015

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  • You know I'm a SW Geek. Just never got it on the DVR. Always been a classicist with the originals. It's pretty fun so far, though. Season two will make it into the DVR.
  • SO CLOSE. A lot to do before then. Lessons to finish. Summer reading to promote. More weeding and shifting as we finish the first year in our redone space (and have had a couple hundred books added in the last month). Prepare for my assistant of my entire school librarian career to retire. (If you hear crying that's me. I know, super lucky to have had her for so long. And to have had her at all. Not sure at all about next year as the new position will only be part time. I don't like doing checkout and reshelving. Let me teach and help kids. How does one do both? :/)
  • Seriously. Loads of companies sending me emails about sales of fun stuff. I'm holding out but IT HURTS.
  • There's a lot of need in the world. Done a little ... contributed here or there. Try to help kids at my own school problem solve. I love the #servelikeajedi movement. Just haven't been able to come up with a focus fast enough.
  • We used to do it after school was out. Now we do it in early May. I liked it better when school was out. During the day I've got classes and kids and teachers needing me. After school I'm trying to get back in shape and exercise again. And catch up on reading now that some new book orders are finally in. So when does it get finished again?
  • I joined a group training gym. So far only made it four times in two weeks (paid for six but meetings after school keep running long and it's a drive home. I need to learn to just GET UP AND LEAVE long meetings) but I like it. The hardest part is just starting. Once you're there the endorphins kick in. Hopefully over the summer every day. Siblings are coming at the end of the summer. Due to unfortunate timing like two days before I'm back on contract. :( And when it's super hot. But that is better than nothing. Not sure of a good dream. Start planning a better trip for next year? Really not doing anything this summer. Maybe I could have added #bookaday? That is always fun. A job that required less of a commute? Maybe. Tried for a new job for so many years when the physical space of the library (no walls) drove me insane. Now we have walls ... and I've moved to a nicer house but that means I spend way too much time in my car. Learn to cook? HA! Bake is more like it but then I'd have to work out even more.


  1. Hello! Have you thought about asking parents to volunteer to help re-shelve books in the library? Every school I have ever worked at has done this. The parents are happy to help, and it frees up the librarian to do read alouds or other activities with the kids. Have a terrific summer! Carol's Teaching Garden

    1. I appreciate the thought! And ... well ... we have a really hard time getting parents in to volunteer anymore. There are about 3 that do every volunteer position in the school. They actually started out in the library (and still help with bookfair) but as other parents stopped helping in other ways in the PTA they moved over. We have a few dads that come in as WatchDOGS but they aren't able to be very regular so they have a hard time getting the hang of shelving. There's not time for much practice or instruction. And if things aren't put back in the right place ... it causes way MORE work (and upset students/teachers when we can't find what they returned or wanted) later. So who knows. Things can always change. New blood, maybe. But for the past four years or so that hasn't worked out so well. :/ Volunteers aren't entirely "free."

  2. Our district has moved up the schedule for our School Improvement Plan. I would love to be able to finish this year before formally planning for the next.
    Artistry of Education

    1. I am now following you on Goodreads. I read about a book a week and I figured you might have some good recommendations.

    2. So you feel my pain! And hopefully! This year I am actually way behind in my usual reading rate (lots of reasons, none interesting) so I am excited to catch up.

  3. Exercise should have been on my summer list as well! Who has time to exercise during the school year? We still have 6 more weeks before summer vacation here in New Hampshire. Enjoy the time... summer is the BEST!

    Sally from Elementary Matters

  4. Our calendar was supposedly set to start Sept 1st the first day of school. Then the state decided to change so we can now start Aug 25...and of course the district changed to that. My neice is due at the end of August, so I'm still hoping I can go visit her and my family during our long weekend! Hope you can work it out too!
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