Friday, May 15, 2015

Finally Friday May 15

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I made these last year and they were a definite WIN! So making them again on Tuesday. ;)

Last night the trainer at my new group fitness class suggested I lay off bread for a couple months to kickstart the metabolism. Eeeek. I ... am not sure I can do that. Which is kind of pathetic.

I want this skirt! In about negative 30 pounds or so, anyway.

Embrace challenges and persist in the face of setbacks. Amen.

This made me laugh. We're done with student checkout. All books will be due on Tuesday. That ought to be interesting. Every. Single. Class. has at least 7 kids with currently overdue books. How many notes home/phone calls can be made? :P We shall see. I've been telling the kids "All I want for my birthday is for people to bring their books back!" Never tried that before so we'll see if it works.

We will still have lessons, even with no more checkout. On Monday a 4th grade class is coming in and we will start a "Summer Reading Research." They're going to search B&N for some books they think look good, look for positive reviews, cross check them against our catalog, make a pic collage of the cover images (giving credit! All to B&, anyway) and write a short persuasive paper about how everyone should read them this summer and/or we should buy them for the school collection. I hope it turns out well! Then on Thursday the public librarian is coming to talk to several classes about summer reading. We couldn't get everyone in, though. And there were some upset people about that. :( #cantwinemall #shouldstoptrying
And I SHOULD have waited until it is really, truly done to share this as now you'll just have to see it twice. But look! I <3 it. Kids were excited, too.

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