Thursday, April 30, 2015


Working with a grade level on several "green" related research projects ... alternative forms of energy, effects of the water cycle, and global warming and how arctic animals are adapting. Love it. The first discussions were with final products where the students would create a Haiku Deck to present findings to a city council/senate about forms of energy we should use. Or Puppet Pal plays explaining solar energy and why we use it here in TX. Or Chatterpix (iMovie looped together to get around the 30 second rule) where a polar bear talked about how what humans do to the environment affected them.

Exciting, right?

Tried to start off right also brainstorming questions. Finding that "third space" that Guided Inquiry suggests.

Makes my head hurt, though, when I see two honors students with a book open, typing into a Google Doc. Same exact sentence structure, just changing some vocabulary to "put it into my words."

Then still with the sentence style searches. "How does hydrolectricity work?" First of all, let's check our spelling. Was I talking to myself when we went through and jotted down keywords? And a few synonyms?

And apparently there is MUCH more to do to help them understand how to frame a search.

I would love to be able to say I felt like I'd done everything right the past two days. Not so much. :/ On the plus side a teacher brought by a project her kids did in the classroom for an author visit next week (post to come) and it so adorable. So there is that.

On a side note ... if you want something for Monday and can get around the fact I'm not sure these are completely kosher (if they HAD official clip art I would totally purchase it) ... go here or here.

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