Saturday, May 30, 2015

Books to Movie Adaptations #ArmchairBEA

Well, I made it to the first and last posts. Better than nothing.

photo credit: TV bookshelf via photopin (license)

Books I would LOVE to see made into movies or TV series. Let me think (and just in the order of thought, not importance) ...

Agent Pendergast (Douglas Preston & Lincoln Child). One of the few "grown up" series I love. Thrilling mystery solving! Could be creepy, though. And maybe too violent. It's easier to take it in my head. I don't "see" it all. But I do love this series.

Finishing School series (Gail Carriger). How much fun would this steampunk be? I would want it to be done WELL. No "cheesy" low budget effects. So it might not be fiscally possible. But it's just got it all. Comedy. Drama. A touch of romance. Cool gadgets that are not so sci-fi. Derring-do.

Gallagher Girls or Heist Society series (Ally Carter). Teenage female spies. Now they'd have to be careful to not make it ... skeezy. The books are not skeezy, but Hollywood has that tendency with teen movies. Both book series are just so much fun. Female spies! Or thieves trying to be good. So many storyline possibilities. And interesting locations.

Lockwood & Co. series (Jonathan Stroud). I LOVED the first two audiobooks. I saw it all in my head. I would prefer they not emphasize the creepy evil ghosts part (like ... I don't know. The really bad trailers I mentally block from my mind!). Stick with the relationships between the characters and their bravery. So like PG13, not R. It's in development already. I hope they do it right.

OK. I am an elementary librarian still so I should do some kid ones.

Elephant and Piggie. Enough said. I am _ _ years old and I would watch that. As long as Mo Willems remained at the basic storyline helm to keep it funny.

Pete the Cat could be a fun animated series. Some of the newer books lack the same charm of the first so they'd need to get good writers. But with the catchy (and I dislike 99% of most kiddie music) songs of the first few books they could do a lot of good with stories to help kids remember "Does Pete cry? Goodness, no. He keeps walking along and singing his song."

Joshua Dread series (Lee Bacon). KID SUPERHEROES. Or villains. You'd think "that's been done before and not well" but he pulls it off! So the author would have to be involved.

Jude Watson's Loot. Sort of similar to Heist Society but tween focused more than teen.

I debated this. But Jedi Academy (Jeffrey Brown) could be quite fun. And different from The Clone Wars or Rebels. Animated or live action I still can't decide. It will never happen because they are "non-canon." But a fangirl can dream.

Do you think they could do a non-fiction series based on Steve Jenkins' books? They all have different topics but I love the collage art form and would love to see that animated.


  1. If you're talking Mo Willems-I can totally see the Pigeon as the star of one himself! :) I just read a YA book called I Am Her Revenge and all I could think the whole time I was reading it was how good the movie would be!

    1. Oh, English moors. Well. That just got added to my TBR list.