Tuesday, May 5, 2015

I Stand Corrected & The Things THEY Can Do

Some things you just can't predict. Close to the last 5th grader I ever would have expected picked up Hello, I'm Johnny Cash today.

Other came in today to work on Haiku Decks after research (a small group on a pass). I wish they'd done a little more thinking about how they were going to present their slides. It's more than just copying the notes. Am I wrong? Even at 5th grade they can decide which topics are the most important. And decide what kind of slide layout makes the most sense with their information. Luckily HD does not lend itself to the "oh, let's add some kitty clip art" to the end. And "oh, let's use 5 different fonts on one slide." At least there's that. They did discover some pretty good info.

Here's a little something we did last week in 1st grade. This is just an assortment of the ones I knew had "permissions" to be posted. It's not super polished ... we had read the book once before (the author/illustrator's coming on Friday) and talked about the collage art. We didn't have take the time to collage. Just drew, quick photo, quick record. All while also checking out books (THE BLESSING OF HAVING AN ASSISTANT ... not for much longer :(). But for the second time I'd used the app and all the craziness going on around us? And for how adorable and unique many of them are? I was please with the outcome. It got the teachers quite interested as well.

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  1. And OOPS! I should have fixed the title slide. This is a mix of all of the grade.