Wednesday, June 3, 2015

Currently June 3

Linking up with Farley cause that's an easy blog post .. ;)

Haven't watched the TV show, yet, though.
Need I say more? Tomorrow is the kids' last day, then different meetings and such through next Thursday.
Why do I sign up to do these things again?
YUM! Too far away, though.
Bleh. Every weekday in the summer. I have to.
READING! And time to do other things. And not being on the stupid road all the time? Or taking in other people's frustrations. All things that are much appreciated.

Not even really an animal person but it seemed like a very little thing to do. It's so close and they need so much!

Stay tuned because in the next couple days ... if you have a Surface 3 tablet I get to host a Giveaway for a nice new Gumdrop case! We have them on the iPads at school and they are awesome. So stay tuned. Tell teacher librarian, teacher, ed tech friends that have Surface tablets to visit! Probably post it this weekend and run it next week. Later!


  1. I am total need of a workout, too! Although, I may just go get a slush at Sonic! I have never tried the Lime Cream Slush, and now I am curious!!
    Erin (Very Perry Classroom)

  2. Your Summer plans sound fabulous! I love having more time for reading in the summer! Hope you get through your presentations and enjoy your summer!

  3. You guys have to stay a whole week after they're gone? That's a bummer, sorry lady. Have a wonderful summer!
    Tales of Teaching in Heels