Wednesday, April 8, 2015

My Favorite Earth Day Book

Do you know Here Comes the Garbage Barge?

I love it. I won't get to read it this year (must prepare for an author visit and the actual week of Earth Day is our big testing week :P). It's more about reducing the recycling but the art is too fun and it's based on a true story.

(wouldn't show this to small fry but it's interesting from an adult POV)

I just checked on Amazon to see if it was still in print and it is. I was a bit surprised to see some negative reviews from individuals who thought it was derogatory. I really don't see it but hopefully I'm not being willfully ignorant. The SLJ review is very positive ... "This title should be a part of every elementary school ecology unit."

Always love a RR video field trip.

I can't find a video I used to show about a boy who loved to use worms for composting. Which is beyond me but anyway.

Do you have a favorite? Bag in the Wind is another one. And of course both Curious George and Charlie and Lola have options. Or What to Do with an Old Red Shoe?

I just found out our choir will be gone on the day of our author visit. :(

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