Wednesday, April 15, 2015

Not at TLA Random Post

Hmmm. As FB and Twitter fill up with peeps at #TLA15 I feel left out.

I mean ... I super enjoy TCEA. Actually find the classes more helpful. No cool author panels or bookmarks in the expo hall but for personal learning often better. But I am pretty much on my own there. This is how I connect, internet. I should probably work on that. :P I feel like I know some of you from mutual Pins and Instagram. But it's not the same, is it?

(Bonus favorite spreads from Chronicle's new SW Epic Yarns titles. You have to already be a fan to really need them but hello. I am their primo sucker. ;))

Things I Have Learned the Last Couple Days

1) ALWAYS. I mean ALWAYS ... no matter how tech savvy the individual might appear ... before I assume they know how to save something on the iPad and we divide and conquer recording class research ... make sure they know how to properly save the recordings. :/

2) The Book Creator app does not export iBooks with embedded audio and video easily. You can export it as a video but then there's no ToC access. Double :/

3) Never ever believe it when you think you are safe having an author visit on the calendar for almost 8 months. Large student groups will plan other activities for the day. And never believe it when at first the school says they will help pay for it. They'll take it back.

4) Kind of what she said.

5) Kids will grab on to the funniest things and run with them. Hopefully examples to come.

6) Bluebonnets make me feel better. Even though they come when oak pollen is high. They are still so pretty.

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  1. Hi Ms. O,

    Interesting to read the things you have learned!

    You can export any book from Book Creator to iBooks with embedded audio and video - it's just that for other people to read the book easily they need to have an Apple device :/

    That's why we added an 'export as video' option - so you could share a book, add it to YouTube and anyone could view it (with audio and video) intact.

    The next step is what we're currently working on - a web reader so you can upload your books to the web and allow anyone to view them :)