Thursday, April 16, 2015

TBT Fiesta Printables

If you live anywhere near San Antonio a fever is very close to hitting ... FIESTA. For those out of towners ... well, you've got cinco de mayo coming. This is a repeat if you've been around. Here are some signs and bookmarks I posted about a couple years ago. Made from Scrappin Doodles clip art!

Click on the little downward arrow that is just to the right of the middle of the top of the screen to download a PDF.

  fiesta themed printable bookmarks
fiesta themed printable reading promo signs
(There are actually several different posters at the link. Just only reposted one here!)

I should make some new ones. Found some clip art I even forgot I ever had just last night. "Reading Fiesta" with hot peppers and cacti balancing books. But I should go exercise. That is my new thing. I will not give it up again, right? In order to survive next week's testing with sanity intact?

I'll leave you with the new SW trailer. The last couple seconds are the most interesting. Though they do show some age.

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