Sunday, April 12, 2015

Finally ... Sunday Night April 12

Goodness. Last Thursday was the busiest checkout/in day ever. Many classes. Many, many, many classes. Also I was still sore from working out. Sore from working out is better pain than "I'm old and decrepit," though.

Then on Friday I woke up at 3AM sneezing with an oak induced headache. And then we had mariachis. And a fiesta shoebox float parade through the school. And then a student dropped an open bottle of cheap cologne on the carpet during dismissal.

That was fun.

But then I went to a series of speakers at a women's conference with my mom. And that was much better. A good reminder of priorities. ;)

Starting back up. Fitness is getting real here again, folks. Clears the head.

Right now I put it all away every morning. This would be more fun and make it more accessible ... but literally there is nowhere to keep this cart unless I kick out the literacy tutors big trunk. But I can't really do that, can I? Can I? #conundrums #causeitisBIG

Loved this. One of my brothers is a cop.

Personal purchase. These books are coming this week!

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