Friday, April 3, 2015

iRead class

So I recently signed up to give a class at our district's beginning of summer tech camp. I called it iRead. The idea is to share apps that are easy to integrate with books ... apps where kids can share their reading and understanding of picture books, chapter books, and non-fiction books. Nothing super complicated or drawn out because hello, get them reading MORE. Don't overly distract them with too many projects. Keep it all to a delicate balance. ;)

 Of course it will end up here at some point. I have some ideas (some of which I've already posted ... but I'll gather them together in one place). Does anyone have any suggestions? Things they've done that their kids loved? You will be credited in the presentation, of course!

Sometimes I can't figure out why I sign up to do these things. They stress me out. :P
Later! Back to cleaning reading ... ?


  1. I don't have suggestions for you because it's really hard to do things like that with the little ones-even with their tech knowledge, it's hard for them to complete things like that independently. But I applaud you for sharing your ideas, I look forward to seeing some of them myself! :)

    Not Just Child's Play

    1. Thanks. We have done a couple things in Kinder but not as much as in the other grades. Funny thing, kinder. I usually see them the most regularly of any grade ... but for the least amount of time each visit. So that does affect what we do. Time. And red tape, cause a couple of the things I would like to do with them still require apps that I haven't caught for free or done all the prep work for buying yet.